BREAKING News Out Of New York- It’s NOT Good For…


NYPD Heroin Queenpin Yessenia Jimenez- Photo/Facebook


A New York Police Department officer was arrested Tuesday for allegedly helping her boyfriend run a heroin trafficking ring that spanned from Mexico to New York, Fox News reports.

Prosecutors say a months-long investigation led them to Yessenia Jimenez, 31, and her boyfriend, Luis Soto, 33.

“The defendant’s own apartment was being used as a stash house,” Manhattan Assistant U.S. Attorney Thane Rehn said.

A Drug Enforcement Agency official said an agent arrested Jimenez with $25,000 and her NYPD service weapon stuffed in her purse, and another $25,000 in another bag, the New York Post reported, citing federal authorities.

Officer Yessenia Jimenez allegedly conspired with another person to distribute 100 grams or more of heroin, according to a new Manhattan federal court complaint.

After a months-long investigation and surveillance, an agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency confronted Jimenez and cohort Luis Soto, prosecutors said at the cop’s appearance in court Tuesday.

The agent shined a flashlight into the woman’s car and discovered a bundle of cash along with her NYPD service weapon in her purse, according to the court papers. The bundle allegedly turned out to be $25,000.

The agent then found another in a plastic grocery bag in her trunk, according to court documents. It contained another $25,000, officials said.

Jimenez was charged with drug trafficking and weapons possession.

The officer, who joined the NYPD in 2015, has been suspended without pay. NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said in a statement that the arrest and allegations were troubling.

Mark Gombiner, Jimenez’s attorney, has challenged the weapons-possession charges against her.

“This is her service weapon,” Gombiner said. “Given that she’s a police officer she’s kind of mandated (to have) her service weapon with her.”

Jimenez was being held on $75,000 bond. Soto has agreed to be held without bail.

Imagine that.


God Bless.


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