BREAKING VIDEO: Hillary Takes BRUTAL Fall Down Flight Of Stairs During Vacation…TWICE!

Prissy Holly at RIGHT WING TRIBUNE –

Throughout the presidential election, Hillary’s health was always being brought into question, as it was hard to ignore the big black dude always following her around with epipen and shooting her full of drugs before she would give a speech. Of course liberals always would scream “fake news” anytime Hillary’s deteriorating health was reported on, even though Hillary was continually having fainting spells and barely able to make it up a flight of stairs without assistance.

As Hillary continues her “poor me” tour where she continues to book public speaking events and whine and blame others for her election loss, her health is once again being brought into question after the startling thing that happened and she tried to descend a simple flight of stairs during her recent excursion to India. She was there to promote her book What Happened, when she encountered a flight of stairs and slipped not once, but twice….even with the assistance of two men holding her arms.

The American Mirror reported:

Even though Hillary Clinton had help going down a set of stairs in India today, she still nearly fell down.

While visiting Jahaz Mahal in Dhar’s Mandu, Clinton was attempting to descend about 15 stairs.

She was holding the arm of an aide.

With Huma Abedin following behind, Clinton slipped about halfway down the descent, nearly tumbling down.

A man walking in front of her jumped to grab her as she reached for him.

Despite both men helping her get to the bottom of the stairs, she slipped again, nearly doing the splits.

Huma stopped to watch as Clinton attempted to regain her balance.

Hillary kicked off her sandals to get to the bottom of the stairs.

No one seemed alarmed by the startling display.

NTK Network reports:

Hillary Clinton suggested that people who supported President Trump in 2016 did so because they “didn’t like black people getting rights,” or women getting jobs, during a discussion at the India Today Conclave on Sunday.

“If you look at the map of the United States, there’s all that red in the middle where Trump won. I win the coasts, I win Illinois, I win Minnesota, places like that,” Clinton said.

“What the map doesn’t show you is that I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product,” Clinton explained. “So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backwards.”

We no doubt dodged a bullet with this woman losing the presidential election. Either Hillary was slamming back cocktails in the middle of the day, rendering her incapable of going down a flight of stairs, or her health has really deteriorated past the point that no liberal wants to admit.

Do you think Hillary is drunk or deathly ill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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