BOMBSHELL News From Katie Couric About Matt Lauer… It’s DISGUSTING


Katie Couric, who spent 15 years co-hosting the “Today” show with Matt Lauer, claims she was totally “unaware” of the alleged sexual misconduct Lauer has been accused of during his time at NBC.

Couric said at The Wrap’s Power Women Breakfast event on Sunday night that she and Lauer had a “wonderful working relationship” so when the allegations against the disgraced star came out she was totally shocked and disturbed.

“It’s shocking, honestly, and disturbing, disorienting, disheartening — all of those d-words,” Couric said. “But I think, he’s not the only one who behaves in this way. People all over the place … have participated in this kind of behavior, that have used their power in an exploitative and unacceptable way.”

But how could she not know that Lauer is a perv?

From Sasha Savitsky at FOX News:

“I don’t think people paid much attention to it. In my case, it was something I was unaware of because if you talk to experts about this, people are very proficient at being secretive about certain behavior and making sure people don’t witness certain behaviors,” Couric explained.

She added, “Cultures have existed in the media, and in every arena, where behaviors were tolerated, people looked the other way, it was an accepted way of doing business.”

So you DID know!

Lauer was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women at NBC. Lauer was removed from his $20 million a year gig after several women and colleagues claimed he exposed his penis, made lewd remarks and kept sex toys in his office.

Couric, 61, said a change must come from “the top” in order to fix the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace.

“It’s hit very close to home with Matt Lauer and what happened there,” Couric said at the event. “It’s been an important experience for me because I never faced this kind of treatment. I was one of the lucky ones — I think I am harassable and I’m not harassable in that sense, and I think it is because I was in a position of power early in my career.”

Huh? Freaking libs are scumbags.

NBC is investigating whether top management knew of Lauer’s alleged behavior.

God Bless.


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