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Stunning New Research Map Shows How Faithful Americans Are, Think You Can Handle It? [Pics]


A stunning new map of our country representing months of research from Vivid Maps reveals just how faithful Americans really are, and some may find the results to be a little unsettling.

The map was compiled by Alex Egoshin of Vivid Maps, and it shows an unsettling trend happening across the country. Apparently, as more states turn “Blue” for Democrats, the number of people within them who believe in God greatly decrease, or at least that’s what the map would suggest.

Egoshin used data from the Association of Religious Data Archives (ARDA), then used specific coloring across the map to represent which states had the most Believers and which ones didn’t. Sadly, as leftists take control over more areas, those areas either end up with less religious people as a whole, or less people willing to publicly admit their Faith.

Either way, it’s not a good situation, considering our country was founded on the belief in the Almighty and that our inalienable rights are granted to us by Him.

Check it out:

Stunning New Research Map Shows How Faithful Americans Are, Think You Can Handle It? [Pics]


As you can see, the areas that are dark blue also happen to be the areas with the highest percentage of Democrat voters. Take Utah, for example, the state that’s over 60 percent Mormon sticks out like a sore thumb from its surrounding Democrat-controlled states.

Meanwhile, the Northeast, which almost exclusively votes Democrat, shows much lower percentages of people of Faith as compared to the Southeast, which almost exclusively votes Republican. However, North Carolina, which has started electing Democrats in recent years, is showing a large percentage of the state that’s non-religious despite the fact it’s considered to be in the “Bible Belt” – the belt of states in which religion had a stronghold.

In his creation of the map, Egoshin cleverly named the different regions as if the blue areas represented water and the red and green areas represented dry land. For example, Utah Island stands alone amid the Colorado Trench, the Washoe Trench, and the Yavapai Trench.

The Gulf of Bernalillo abuts the North Texas Ridge, and standing alone in the middle of the West Coast is the Island of California. On the Eastern side of the country is the Fort Wayne Island is surrounded by the Kentucky Trench, while the Pittsburgh Island is surrounded by the Main Trench, which extends all the way down to the Middle of Pennsylvania, leaving just a few small pockets of religious areas along the way.

While the map doesn’t look good for those of us of faith, one Redditor did point out a theory as to why some areas that are unexpectedly non-religious are showing up that way:

“Lots of rural Americans self-identify as Christian, and often evangelical, but almost never actually go to church. It goes against stereotypes, but suburban/urban and middle/upper-class self-identified Christians are more diligent churchgoers than rural and poor self-identified Christians are,” they wrote, which is a good possibility.

But either way, it’s oddly strange how a nation that used the be almost entirely religious, or at least had a much higher population density of religious folk is turning a corner toward secularism, as the two maps below show, and that’s a dangerous path to go down.

Stunning New Research Map Shows How Faithful Americans Are, Think You Can Handle It? [Pics]

It’s not looking good at all.

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