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U.S. Secretary of State Issues SCATHING Warning to North Korea- Either Negotiate, Or We’ll Take Military Action!

Either Negotiate, or We’ll Take Military Action! – U.S. Secretary of State Issues SCATHING Warning to North Korea

Chris “Badger” Thomas  RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned Tuesday that if North Korea does not choose to negotiate on giving up its nuclear weapons that pose a growing threat to the United States it could trigger a military response,  ABC News reports VIA Matthew Pennington, Associated Press.

The United States and its allies held a meeting to discuss further sanctions against North Korea and ways to implement more aggressive sanctions.

20 Nations sent diplomats to Vancouver to discuss North Korea’s sincerity over recent talks with South Korea and the DPRK’s nuclear program.

There was extreme skepticism that North Korea had any real intentions of following through with any terms between the North and South Koreas.  It was clear that North Korea had 0 intent of giving up its nuclear weapons and dismantling their nuclear program.

Tillerson was clear that the Trump Administration is still seeking a diplomatic resolution in the nuclear standoff, Tillerson did say that North Korea has yet to show itself to be a reliable and creditable negotiating partner.

“We all need to be very sober and clear-eyed about the current situation.   North Korea has continued to make significant advances in its nuclear weapons through the thermonuclear test and progress in its intercontinental missile systems.  We have to recognize that the threat is growing and that if North Korea does not choose the pathway of engagement, discussion, negotiation then they themselves will trigger an option.”

Kang Kyung-whaSouth Korean Foreign Minister, said its talks with North Korea, leading to the North’s participation in next month’s Olympics being hosted by the South, are a “significant first step toward restoring inter-Korean relations.”

She went on to admit that despite the talks, North Korea has yet to show any intention to fulfill its obligations on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Japan was not swayed by any terms or talks between the two Koreas, they stand firm that North Korea is an extreme threat and that:

“The North wants to buy some time to continue their nuclear and missile programs.”

Defense Secretary James Mattis briefed the delegates on Monday night, which was described, as a chance to demonstrate that the U.S. has an integrated strategy and to raise confidence that it definitely prefers a diplomatic solution over resorting to military action.”

As previously reported by RWT, Nikki Haley spoke to reporters and stressed the importance of staying focused and vigilant over North Korea’s nuclear programs and warheads.

“We will never accept a nuclear North Korea.  This is a very dangerous situation, the United States is not letting up on the pressure to end North Korea’s nuclear weapons development.  We can destroy them, too.  If North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were to launch a nuclear attack on the United States, It is not going to be The United States that is destroyed.”

The whole situation is a complete storm that could have severe consequences on North Korea should they continue to threaten the United States and our allies.

The United States has been dealing with the threats and saber rattling from the DPRK for years, the main issue is that North Korea has never had the nuclear weapons that they now have and are capable of hitting the United States.

So what happens from here? That is anyone’s guess, this could go on for years to come should the United States choose to allow North Korea to keep their Nuclear Weapons.  Though there is no indication that this is even a possibility.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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