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BREAKING: 4 Schools In This State Being FORCED To Change Their Confederate School Names… Here’s What They Are Called NOW


The Dallas Independent School District board of trustees voted unanimously Thursday night on replacement names for three of the four elementary schools that currently have Confederate army generals as their namesakes.

Breitbart reports that trustees unveiled and approved the neutral new names submitted by campus committees. These nomenclatures reportedly reflect the neighborhoods in which the schools reside. Stonewall Jackson will become Mockingbird Elementary, named for its street address. William L. Cabell will transform into Chapel Hill Preparatory. Previously, Robert E. Lee Elementary chose to become Geneva Heights Elementary. Only Albert Sidney Johnston Elementary remains undecided on a new name, which must be determined by February.

Ironically, parents and school district show a complete lack of education in American history and focus on racial propaganda to go after elementary schools in Dallas, Texas.

Rather than spending the money on the children’s education and upgrades to the elementary’s, they voted to change the names because the Confederate General’s represented a racial America.

As these parents and school districts argue and bicker over America’s past and who represents what, it is the children who ultimately suffer here.

Fifty years after the district declared itself “completely desegregated,” Dallas ISD took two  steps acknowledging and addressing its turbulent racial past.


Dallas ISD estimated the cost to change the four school names to cost the district about $150,000 which would cover things like facades and gymnasium floors.

Trustees also unanimously approved new names for three elementary schools that honored Confederate generals: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and William L. Cabell.

For the new school names, the three campuses chose geographical markers instead of historic figures.

William L. Cabell Elementary will become Chapel Hill Preparatory, named after the surrounding community in Farmers Branch.

Stonewall Jackson Elementary will become Mockingbird Elementary, named after the street the school faces.

And Robert E. Lee Elementary will become Geneva Heights Elementary, named after the plat of land where the school is built.

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa thanked chief of school leadership Stephanie Elizalde, campus administrators and the community members who took part in the renaming process.

“They all rallied behind this, and followed a process, they came back with a product [where] they involved the stakeholders to find something that everyone could support,” he said.

“History is history. People should grow up and get over it,” said another father opposed to the name changes.

The board agreed to let Robert E. Lee Elementary keep the new name its community already generated. The school and community agreed to change that campus to Geneva Heights Elementary. Rather than starting the process over under the guidelines of the resolution, trustees agreed to let that school keep Geneva Heights Elementary since it incorporated 270 voices, according to board member Dustin Marshall.

The board also debated whether to let communities shorten existing names of those four schools. For example, some parents at Stonewall Jackson Elementary wanted to shorten it to Stonewall.

In a 5 to 4 vote, the board said no. Each campus must come up with a new name that isn’t a variation of an existing name.

Much of the conversation centered on Stonewall Jackson Elementary which appeared to be most represented.

“We didn’t pick the name. We’ve done the best we can with the name we’ve been given. It comes with a lot of baggage,” said Brandon Lee, parent of a student at Stonewall Jackson. “I don’t think it’s hypocritical to say we want the name changed, but we’ll also be a little sad when a new name goes up out front.”

 Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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