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After eight years of ghetto trash in the White House, Americans finally have a First Lady who’s not only proud of our country, but represents everything that’s great about it.

Melania Trump is smart, cultured, classy, beautiful, speaks five different language, and above all, is an immigrant from a third-world hellhole who likely never ever envisioned holding such a prestigious title. To the contrary, Michelle Obama was a leftist-indoctrinated Marxist who hated American and everything about it, and she looked like the offspring of a dump truck mating with a rodeo clown, but enough about her.

Melania has captured the hearts of Americans, and recent polling shows just how popular she’s becoming across the country. In fact, since President Trump took office, her approval ratings have risen almost 20 points, the Daily Mail reported.

According to a new poll released on Friday, the First Lady’s approval rating has climbed 17 points since her husband took office in January.

Now, 54 percent of those polled say they view Melania favorably. The same amount said they viewed the president unfavorably.

That’s pretty good, considering the entire Trump family has been the victims of relentless bullying and attacks from the leftstream enemedia.

When the First Lady posted pictures of the White House Christmas decorations, leftists immediately started mercilessly mocking the design of it, which Melania came up with herself and then implemented with a team of decorators, as we previously reported.

Looks amazing, doesn’t it? We thought so too, and wanted to give Melania all the credit in the world for taking her time to decorate the White House so beautifully.

However, the left doesn’t appear to be big of fans of the First Lady’s talent for interior design. When the White House first revealed this year’s Christmas theme, leftists across Twitter immediately started brutally mocking Melania’s hard work.

To be honest, it’s enough to make you enraged.

The Daily Mail has more:

Twitter has gone into meltdown over the White House’s ‘creepy’ Christmas decorations which many say would not look out of place in a horror movie.

Melania Trump was said so have ‘personally selected’ most of the Christmas decor for this year’s ‘time honored traditions’ theme, according to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

But while most rooms featured, warm and welcoming displays, one room looked more frightening than festive.

The eerie, twig-lined hallway has been compared to everything from The Shining to the Adam’s Family after Stephanie Grisham, one of White House communications team for Melania, shared a photo of the room on Sunday.

Now hundreds of people have flocked social media to mock the first lady’s unusual artistic choice.

Then there was an elementary school that turned down a book donation from Melania because, well, because leftism is a mental disorder and leftists put politics above absolutely everything else, again we previously reported.

According to the press release from in honor of National Read-a-Book Day, the first lady sent a gift of several Dr. Suess books to schools across the country, one from each state. She also included one of her personal favorites Oh, the Places You’ll Go! stating she and Barron have read it together several times and truly enjoyed it, as a result, she wished to share that joy with others.

Liz Phipps Soeiro, the Cambridgeport Elementary School librarian, chose to respond most ungraciously, where she thanked the first lady for her book donation but the library has no “need” for these books and blasted the choice of Dr. Seuss as “cliche.”  Soeiro’s response letter was published by the Horn Book’s Family Reading blog.

These are just two of the many instances where Melania was unfairly attacked. However, despite the left’s best efforts to make her look bad, the American people still love our First Lady.

And what’s there not to love?

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