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BREAKING: Pelosi Just Got RUINED… Everyone Is Wondering If Something Is Wrong WIth Her


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Nancy, Nancy, Are You Okay? 

Utterly Insane Rant From Nancy Pelosi: The Minority Leader Declares “Armageddon” On Earth…No, Really.

If a foreigner were to bump into Nancy Pelosi on the street, they’d be forgiven for assuming she wandered off from some elder’s care facility.  From forgetting who the current president is to urging her colleagues to pass bills before reading them, Pelosi has given plenty of people good reason to wonder about what exactly is going on up in that silly noggin of hers.  This time, however, she’s truly lost her marbles.

The tax proposals pushed forward by conservatives in the House and Senate have really got Ms. Pelosi in quite a fit–she’s declaring the rapture is upon us all, and there’s no dramatization here, either.  She quite literally said that she views the GOP tax proposals as “the end of the world.”  It’s quite possible that she just finished watching some Bruce Willis marathon and is in fits of hysteria about it since she also claimed the bill would be “Armageddon.”

The GOP Responded To Her Hysterical Tantrum:

This lady is simply off her rocker! I mean, give me a break, it’s one thing to criticize a bill because you’re in favor of gluttony and over spending but it is so completely and utterly dramatic to claim that a tax break for middle class Americans is some sort of doomsday scenario.  It’s as if the fact that the government won’t have some extra cash to dole out Obamaphones will send the masses into the street writhing with agony.

Thankfully, the National Republican Congressional Committee is firing back:

“Nancy Pelosi has no shame,” Jesse Hunt, the spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, told Fox News in response to Pelosi’s comments. “The only Armageddon she’s facing is the one from her own caucus after Democrats fail to take back the House for the fourth cycle in a row.”

Despite Pelosi’s reaction, there is still work to do before the legislation becomes law.

Saturday’s vote means the Senate and House have passed similar tax reform plans, but lawmakers still need to agree on a single piece of legislation that both chambers must approve before it is sent to the president for his signature.

So just to be clear here these Pelosi theatrics are a bit premature.  The bill hasn’t even been negotiated on yet–Republicans from the House and Senate have yet to convene and discuss their views on the broad array of tax code changes. She’s like a child that invents and imagines the worst case scenario at every given moment and then announce to the world that her absurd fantasy is certainly an approaching reality.

Of Course, She Even Brought Her Drama To Twitter:

God forbid Pelosi ever return to her position as Speaker of the House, we’ll have plenty to write about, sure, but at what cost?  Can you imagine how absolutely insane her leadership will be now? It was bad enough before.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the GOP Tax Reform measures–we promise that they won’t kill you despite what Pelosi says!

God Bless You.

We will continue to help President Trump drain the swamp and Make America Great Again! 



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