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BREAKING: Black Thug SPRAY PAINTS All Over College Campus “White Power” Signs… NOW Look What’s Happening To Him


Mainstream Media that chose to cover this news, is reporting it just as “White lives Matter” written on the mirror, but according to the School website and the principal, a lot more was written.

All the school will say so far, is that the student who confessed to writing the message on the mirror in the girls bathroom, is not “white”.

“The use of the N-word, in the context of the message on the bathroom mirror, provoked feelings of hate, not love.” ~Tim McCarthy Principal, PCH

The School board clearly is scared to death of the potential escalation of this situation, after all, we all remember Ferguson and Brown.


Black Lives Matter desires violence and hate, to fuel their own agenda of a war on white people, so that they can carry out their violence.

Chesterfield, is a city in St. Louis County, Missouri, United States, and a Western suburb of St. Louis. As of the 2010 census, the population was 47,484.

Central High School released the following statement:

Central High Principal Tim McCarthy sent to families today regarding a racial slur a student wrote on a bathroom mirror last week. As Dr. McCarthy mentions, we have concluded the investigation and a student has admitted writing the message. The student responsible is not white, however this does not diminish the hurt it caused or the negative impact it has had on our community. The behavior was wrong and the student will be held accountable for this serious act according to our student discipline policy.

We were all surprised and hurt by this, as it does not represent the values of our schools, students or community. It is important to understand why this happened and why we are often quick to assume who is responsible. Instead, let us use this opportunity to continue to grow as a community to be more peaceful and loving individuals.

Dr. Keith Marty~Superintendent

PCH Community,

Central High Principal:

This email is a follow up to last week’s communication regarding a racially charged message written on a bathroom mirror at school (I shared this message, as well, with students and staff at the end of Academic Lab today via the PA). Our investigation into this incident led to a Central High student admitting to writing the message. The actions of this student are a violation of our discipline code and the student will be held accountable within the parameters of the district’s discipline policy.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will continue our work of supporting the PCH community, especially our students. This incident caused significant harm to and within our school community by provoking feelings of hurt and distrust. The use of the N-word, in the context of the message on the bathroom mirror, provoked feelings of hate, not love. As I stated last week, actions and speech which degrade an individual’s human dignity have no place in school; they have no place at Central High. As we move forward, our efforts will be focused on repairing the harm we have experienced while deepening our sense of community.  Understanding, respect and love will continue to be our guideposts. These are the values inherent in any successful and healthy school community; I believe these are the values we share within the PCH community.

As I face challenging situations such as this, I become increasingly present to aspects of my life which bring me strength: the love of family, my conviction that living in community is an answer not a problem, and my belief in the uplifting power of the human spirit. With the Thanksgiving break upon us, I will continue to reflect on the many blessings in my life; serving the PCH community is high on that list. For each of you, I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope the break affords you the opportunity “to be with those who help your being.”  Thank you for your ongoing patience and support.  As always, please reach out to me with questions or concerns.

Sincerely,Tim McCarthy Principal, PCH

Yeah. So basically this dude is a worthless pile of liberal crap and had the tables been turned you would see this all over the fake news networks. Don’t get me wrong, they reported the WHITE LIVES MATTER story but left out that it was actually a black thug that wrote it for the sole intent to incite violence.

Worthless pile of illiterate garbage.


 Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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