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UNBELIEVABLE! BLM Terrorists Just Got Awarded A PEACE PRIZE By This Organization…

Black Lives Matter Movement Awarded Sydney Peace Prize for Activism…


In a move that once again proves the amount of insanity and crazy that engulfs the sheep of the world and the Democratic agenda, the Global Peace Award goes to a group that endorses hate and racism as well as murder and violence.

Black Lives Matter is notorious for their hatred and racism, for their protests and rioting.  They preach killing of LEO, white people, Christians and desire a black nation.

FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, which has a division that helps investigates terrorist threats from terrorists groups, has had Black Lives Matter under investigation.

FBI designated Black Lives Matter a domestic terrorist organization and identifies them as : “Black Identity Extremists,” or BIEs. The report broadly categorizes black activists as threats to national security.

Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, founders of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, will accept the Sydney Peace Prize on behalf of the Network. The 2017 Sydney Peace Prize will be awarded on Thursday 2 November at the City of Sydney Lecture and Award Ceremony at Sydney Town Hall, NBC reports.

The group was awarded the prize “for building a powerful movement for racial equality, courageously reigniting a global conversation around state violence and racism,” the Sydney Peace Foundation, a body within the University of Sydney, said in a statement.

This is the first time the foundation has given the award to an organization. In the past, the prize has been bestowed on individuals such as South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

These ghetto trash racists are milking and fleecing black people and the completely ignorant white people, using racism to fuel their agenda, to the point that they attempt to convince people that thugs and murderers are “innocent” and the big bad Police are just out randomly killing black people.  Yes, sheep follow these clowns and carry out their racial hate.

The following is from their website and it shows complete manipulation and a very weak psyop on people, yet people still fall for their racial hate:

“Black Lives Matter is working for a world where Black lives are no longer intentionally and systematically targeted for demise.”
– Black Lives Matter mission statement

Our mission emerged organically. It was summed up in the words penned by Alicia: “Black lives matter”. We have a right to our lives. Our children have a right to live and walk freely, without being hunted by the state, agents of the state, or wannabe agents of the state.

As we struggle for a world where Black lives are no longer intentionally and systematically targeted for demise, it means that the systems that prey on us must be not simply reformed but re-imagined and transformed.

Peace requires revolutionary vision – and Black Lives Matter is a peace movement.

The BLM movement, unlike King’s, only seem to come out in droves following very specific murders: when white cops kill black people. Yet this is not the major scourge of the black community. Recounting his days as mayor of New York City, when crime was reduced by over 50 percent, Rudy Giuliani noted on Fox News,

“Black Lives Matter hasn’t saved nearly as many black lives, if they’ve saved any at all, as I have. Where are they? Where are ‘Black Lives Matter’ when six kids get shot in Chicago by other black kids? The reality is we’re going to end this issue when we get control of the significant amount of violence in urban America within the black community. And it’s the police who are doing that. Black Lives Matter divides us.”

It’s time to expose the Black Lives Matter [BLM] movement for what it is: a racist, violent hate group that promotes the execution of police officers and white people.

BlackLivesMatter—the activist group that demands a “racial justice agenda” that includes constant criticism and activism against police—invokes the words of convicted cop killer Assata Shakur at “all its events.”

They’re referring to infamous cop killer Assata Shakur, otherwise known as Joanne Chesimard, who shot and killed a New Jersey State Trooper back in 1973. In 1977, Shakur was convicted and sentenced to prison but quickly escaped and has been a fugitive in Cuba ever since. She’s also on the FBI’s most wanted terrorism list. BLM glorifies Shakur as a hero and uses her writings and materials during training sessions.

The organization is nothing more than a propaganda machine used to carry out their racism and hatred.  NOTHING MORE.

 Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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