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Hillary’s Henchwoman Takes To MSNBC And Says All WHITE MEN Are This



In a segment about the Justice Department looking at “Black Identity Extremist” groups, Burley said, “Again it continues to try to undermine and criminalize our leaders in a way that undermines the movement. We saw that with MLK when J. Edgar Hoover wrote letters telling him to commit murder, we saw that when Fred Hampton was actually assassinated by police.”

Jamira Burley appeared on “MSNBC Live” Saturday, claiming that white men “pose the biggest threat to Americans every single day,” Breitbart reports.

Burley said, “What is extremely disturbing about Jeff Session and the FBI rhetoric around this idea of black identity extremist is it continues to highlight white Americans disdain with black people demanding equal due which is protection under the law, access to resources and the ability to freely move through throughout society without being victimized and criminalized.”

She continued, “And so I think this is nothing new, what is interesting though is that white men continue to be the–pose the biggest threat to Americans every single day. It’s been documented and verified that they are more likely to burn down churches, more likely to commit mass murders and mass shootings and so Jeff Sessions’ reality and his assessment on these people is both lacking in facts and both reality.”

If you are like me, you have no clue who this dumpster fire is or why her 2 cents is on video and why she hates white people.  So, let’s dig into her and find out why she is racist and follow the money to see who her puppet master is!

Most recently, Burley served as National Deputy Millennial Vote Director on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

By the age of 15, Burley had witnessed the incarceration of all 10 of her older brothers as well as both of her parents.

The first of her 16 siblings to graduate from high school and college, she served under Mayor Michael Nutter.

Nutter has been in the news for going on lavish trips around the world and using the tax payers money as well as using revenue from the Philadelphia Marathon to pay for a trip to Rome ahead of the pope’s visit.  Nutter also campaigned and endorsed Hillary Clinton as President, in which he received funds from Hillary’s “Resistance” organization.

In 2014, Burley joined Amnesty International, leading the organization’s initiative on gun violence, criminal justice and human rights.

It is important to note that the structures of George Soros and Amnesty International have been working together for many years.

Hilary Clinton worked with their Foreign Affairs Committee. It is safe to say that at that time Amnesty International worked closely with US government agencies.

Amnesty International is an international “mercenary” who is hired by state and corporate structures to defend their economic and political interests.

And finally, George Soros is also one of the main sponsors of another well-known international human rights organization – Human Rights Watch which goes hand-in-hand with Amnesty International.

Amnesty International shields themselves from accountability; they provide ways for unqualified and self-serving people to acquire money, influence, and power; and their income depends upon manipulating public opinion, which means garnering support from politicians, other bureaucracies, and the elite.

Amnesty International also has donated to, “Black Lives Matter” and has been involved in all of the “protests” that Black Lives Matter has held.

So this Jamira Burley, is engulfed in the corruption and hate, she is in bed with Soros and the Clinton’s and making her money through hate and promoting the destruction of the United States.

To sum this up, she is a traitor to the United States of America and we can only hope that President Trump will have her under investigation so that charges can be brought against her and she will be held accountable for her actions.

She is nothing but a racist puppet that sleeps with the scum of the earth and has sold her soul for greed and hate.

(h/t Daily Caller)

 Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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