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IT’S A FAKE! Analyst Says Judge Roy Moore Signature Inside Gloria Allred Accuser’s Yearbook Was FORGED


It seems there are more than a few Americans that find the sudden allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct from 40 years ago against Judge Roy Moore of Alabama suspect. Some people have even stated that these allegations have been fabricated for the sole purpose of costing Moore the election.

Moore himself categorically denies all allegations stating it is “very strange” the charges surfaced four weeks before the Dec. 12 special election in which he faces off against Democrat Doug Jones.

“That they would wait 40 years is absolutely unbelievable,” Moore said of his accusers. He said the allegations are “completely false and untrue.”

Journalist and author Thomas Wictor, known for his insightful political commentary has gone so far as to suggest that the so-called “evidence” presented by attorney Gloria Allred for accuser Beverly Young Nelson is forged. Nelson has presented Moore’s signature in Nelson’s yearbook as “evidence” but Wictor believes that is not the case citing multiple reasons.


Wictor cites several instances where Nelson’s yearbook entry claiming to be Moore is very different from Moore’s real signature. The sevens in 1977 to the right of “Christmas,” are very different from the sevens in the date (12-22-77) above “Old Hickory House.”

Wictor tweets –

“Look at the two versions of the number “7,” ”12-22-77” and “Olde Hickory House” were written by a different person.” 

Wictor then proceeds to point out “the “R” and “y” in “Roy,”” are not written the same way. He notes the inflection of the “Y” is significantly more pronounced in Moore’s signature in documents bearing his signature from the time he served as Chief Justice for the state of Alabama. The “R” is also noticeably longer in the yearbook forgery as opposed to the signature of Moore as Chief Justice.

Wictor also points out the restaurant where the supposed incident took place was even spelled incorrectly in the forgery. In Gadsden, the restaurant has never been known as “Olde Hickory House” — the restaurant is known even to this day as “Old Hickory House.” The person that forged the yearbook signature got the name wrong,” according to Wictor’s assessment. It is even listed as “Old Hickory House” on Yelp.

In addition, the forged signature also has Moore referring to himself as District Attorney or “D.A.” — just one problem with that.  Moore was never the District Attorney.  He was the Deputy District Attorney or DDA during the time when this yearbook was supposedly signed.

Additional questions have arisen as to the timing in the signing of the yearbook — why would it be signed in December when yearbooks are handed out in August? The accuser claims she was issued her yearbook in December, yet the school website clearly states they are issued in August. Never mind the fact that if a woman or girl feared molestation why would she allow her attacker or abuser to sign her yearbook in the first place?

Why would Moore spend 14 years in the national spotlight and 40 + years in the spotlight within Alabama itself and all of this is only being revealed NOW and AFTER Moore was selected as the Republican nominee on the ballot.  These things were never even mentioned in the primaries either. His issue with teenage girls….you know the one that supposedly EVERYONE knew about? It did not come up ONE single time in more than forty years….not even once!

When asked to give his assessment on his personal belief if Moore’s signature is a forgery and Wictor replied with an emphatic YES!

He states –

“As of this moment, I can find no evidence that the accusations being made against Roy Moore have any validity. If I’m being told to choose, then as of right now, I believe the judge. AND things are looking bad for his accusers…

In my opinion, the signature is forged. The “Olde Hickory House” and date were DEFINITELY written by someone else. No question whatsoever.”


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