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BREAKING: Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Just Woke Up To NIGHTMARE… Look What The NFL Is FORCING Him To Do



Apparently opposing embattled National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodall over his proposed extension, may have serious consequences for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Several other NFL team owners are discussing the possibility of forcing Jones to sell the team francise according to a report from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

According to the Washington Post, if Jones is found to have committed conduct detrimental to the league, he could be subject to a fine, the Cowboys could lose draft picks or Jones could be suspended. The New York Times reported a cease-and-desist warning was issued to Jones just after the NFL compensation committee held a conference call on Monday.

The league apparently has a  “nuclear option” in forcing Jones to sell the Cowboys with the commissioner and NFL’s executive committee making the final call.

A report from even suggested that the league would have a “nuclear option” of forcing Jones to sell the Cowboys while noting that the scenario is highly unlikely and would ignite major litigation. The commissioner and NFL’s executive committee would make the call.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones stated of Monday’s events on “The Fan” KRLD-FM (105.3) –

“We’re not against Roger [Goodell]. We just don’t know if this is the time to be talking about major contract extensions when the league certainly has several challenges in terms of where we are as a league, whether that’s our ratings, whether that’s our concerns with our sponsors.”

Jones has threatened a lawsuit against the NFL if the compensation committee does not seek approval from the other owners for Goodall’s contract extension through 2024. All of this comes as the NFL has increasingly alienated fans over continued protests during the National Anthem. Many Americans have chosen to either turn off games or refuse to buy tickets leaving seats increasingly empty.

Goodall has thus far lacked the spine to address the issue in any real or significant way allowing players to use the field as a platform for their various political opinions. Jones has now retained high-powered lawyer David Boies to potentially challenge Goodell’s extension.

According to the Washinton Post, some of this backlash could also be tied to Jones’ helping push Papa John’s founder John Schnatter to offer public criticism on how NFL leadership and Goodall specifically has dealt with or refused to deal with the continued protests. Jones has appeared in many Papa John’s commercials and personally owns scores of franchises in the pizza giant in the Dallas area.

The ability to force Jones to sell the Cowboys flows from  Article VIII of the NFL’s Constitution & Bylaws. Specifically, Section 8.13 authorizes the Commissioner to determine that an owner “has been or is guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the League or professional football.” If the Commissioner believes the available sanction (a $500,000 fine) is “not adequate or sufficient,” the Commissioner may refer the issue to the NFL’s Executive Committee, which has the power to compel “[c]ancellation or forfeiture of the franchise in the League of any member club involved or implicated,” with a directive to sell the team. The move is likely to trigger lengthy and costly litigation before it would be resolved, however.


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