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BREAKING: President Trump Just HUMILIATED Kim Jong-un In Front Of The Whole WORLD… ” Fat…”


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Unbelievable Tweet Has Liberals In Fits Of Rage, Conservatives In Tears Of Laughter…

Wow. President Trump just delivered the most epic burn of the century in response to Kim Jong-un calling him “old.” I’m not even going to waste any time here, just take a look at this tweet for yourself:

This is AMAZING… Within minutes the tweet had garnered over 20,000 likes  and its steadily climbing to 50,00 at the time of this report.  Never before has a president been so brash, so outspoken, so impossibly hilarious! When I first showed this tweet to my editor he wasn’t even ready to believe that it was real–in fairness I have duped him with some fake ones in the past but you can go ahead and direct your browser here and see for yourself if there are any doubts left in your mind.  And if you are on Twitter, please for the love of God retweet him!

Trump has always been willing to drop a joke here or there–some of his best barbs have been on twitter during the election cycle.  This is by far the biggest stinger he has aimed at anyone and is sure to get under the skin of the North Korean dictator…whenever his dial-up bootlegged Chinese internet is able to load it up.  Seriously folks, think about it: Trump just caused people around the world to burn more calories from laughter than the entire nation of North Korea can burn in a year of eating!

This is, by no stretch of the imagination the dis of the century. I’m just curious to see how the midget dictator reacts! Hopefully, this is met with silence and shame–or better yet, hopefully one of his generals reads the barb first and thinks seriously about an overthrow! Who knows, all I know is that this is the most exciting time to be alive!

And Twitter Is On FIRE After Reading This One Folks

Liberals Are Naturally Overwhelmed And In Their Typical Mode Of Outrage, Here’s Obama’s Campaign Writer:

But Conservatives Are… Having A Blast!

God Bless.


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