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NSA REFUSES To Release Clinton-Loretta Lynch Tarmac RECORDING For OUTRAGEOUS Reason


Last year, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had a clandestine meeting on the tarmac at an Arizona airport, which they said was about “golf” and “grandkids,” but the NSA is telling a different story entirely.

A citizen journalist out of Florida is attempting to get the agency’s transcript of the former president’s meeting with then-Attorney General Lynch, but he’s not having any luck. In fact, the bureau is outright refusing to release the recording of the conversation, which Hillary Clinton described as “purely social,” for the most outrageous of reasons – national security.

No, seriously.

From Freedom Outpost:

A citizen researcher from Florida is attempting to have the recording of the infamous Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac tape released to the public, but apparently, the National Security Agency claims they won’t release it due to “national security.”

The man researching and seeking to have the tape released is Florida orthodontist Larry Kawa. You may remember him because of Judicial Watch’s filing of a lawsuit on his behalf to obtain a week’s worth of Hillary Clinton’s emails regarding Benghazi.

It’s being reported now that the NSA has declared the recording of the conversation that took place between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in Phoenix, Arizona on June 27, 2016.

Yikes. So either Hillary Clinton was lying when she described the meeting as “purely social,” or the NSA is lying to conceal the contents of the conversation. But either way, someone is lying.

Odds are, the NSA is concerned about national security since we all know that Clinton and Lynch didn’t discuss the topics they said – it was likely about Hillary’s email investigation and Slick Willy giving her a reminder of how Lynch got to where she was.

It’s time for President Trump to start declassifying everything to do with the investigation into Hillary Clinton. Let the chips fall where they may, but We the People have a right to know just how crooked these sonofabitches are.

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