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Black Professor Teaches Students To ‘Kill White People’


A philosophy professor at Texas A&M is teaching students more than philosophy- he’s teaching students that they need to kill white people and advocates violence in order for them to be ‘liberated.’ 

Unbelievable! How is this scumbag still teaching?

Dr. Tommy Curry has been spewing hit hatred and divisiveness for quite a long time and former students are revealing recordings of the racist professor advocating violence against white people.

From Campus Reform:

Dr. Tommy Curry became a focus of controversy last week when recordings surfaced of a 2012 podcast interview in which he discussed “killing white people in context” and asserted that, “In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.”


 The interview prompted widespread condemnation of Curry, including a statement from  President Michael Young describing the remarks as “disturbing,” inspiring an anonymous group of “concerned students” to post an open letter on defending Curry and claiming that his comments were taken out of context.“President Young’s language in this email not only allows for but encourages the campus community to assume that Dr. Curry…used his First Amendment rights to ‘espouse hateful views’ by advocating for ‘violence, hate, and killing,’” the letter states. “We believe that this is not only a mischaracterization of Dr. Curry’s comments but serves to perpetuate a targeted campaign against his person and his work.”


Now, though, a group of former Texas A&M students called Support Aggies has released more recordings of Curry making similar statements during classroom lectures.

“So are you saying that nothing would change without violence between the oppressors and the oppressed?” a student asks in one recording, to which Curry responds in the affirmative, saying, “in this American context, yes.”

While acknowledging that people may laugh upon hearing “kill white people,” Curry says he is “very serious” about it, telling the class that “these ideas [of killing white people] resonate in the history of people who have been oppressed.”


Texas A&M Prof. Curry Incites Violence Against Whites [OBSCENE LANGUAGE]

YouTube video courtesy of Support Aggies

“Now we ask ourselves a very deep question: Well, what the f** do we do? Right? Jackson argued that the task of a revolutionary is to create revolution, and this doesn’t simply mean that we create the thoughts that sound cool in classrooms, that sound cool next to the already degradated minds of the conservatives at Texas A&M, we already know that’s bull****. You cannot have progress here without violence and upheaval because it’s struggle for liberation for the other.”

Support Aggies is circulating a petition demanding that the administration fire Curry, soliciting commitments from disgruntled alumni that they will “withhold all donations to Texas A&M…unless these problems are corrected.”

Notably, this petition also takes issue with President Young’s statement, lamenting his “lackluster and passive response to Curry’s egregious message of violence and hate” and declaring that anyone who even allows such views to be promoted in an academic environment should be fired.

“President Young claims to ‘stand against the advocacy of violence, hate, and killing,’ yet he continues to support Professor Curry’s dangerous indoctrination of young students, engraining [sic] impressionable pupils with hate against whites and an appreciation for violence,” the petition states, adding that “Any university employee who promotes such a view should be fired.”

From The Federalist Papers:

Once again, more extremism being taught to students at another university. The particular professor has been teaching racist violence for years now.

Imagine if a white professor was spewing the same vile and violent rhetoric? He’d be in prison right now.

How Texas A&M has allowed this to continue for all these years is inexplicable. They should be ashamed of themselves, and alumni, students, and parents should all protest.


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