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BOYCOTT: ABC News Just Made SICK Muslim Announcement- Millions Of Christians PISSED OFF!

This is a prime example of how the mainstream is complete garbage. ABC, MSNBC, CNN and all the other liberal scumbags have gone completely insane.

After 8 long and disastrous years of a Muslim president, the liberal media is infatuated with Muslims and are essentially the spokespersons for Islam and Sharia Law propaganda.

This is totally INSANE!

From DailyCaller

Despite the fact that Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world, ABC News’ chief political analyst Matthew Dowd wants the media to focus instead on the “bigger problem” of Muslim persecution.

“Maybe you can talk about the bigger problem which is persecution of Muslims in America and around the globe. Bigger issue,” Dowd tweeted at Fox News’ Shannon Bream in response to a segment on growing persecution of Christians around the world.

Maybe Matthew Dowd should cover the persecution of Muslims women inside Sharia Law culture where they are not even allowed to DRIVE or they could face the penalty of death.

Maybe ABC should cover the persecution of GAYS in traditional Islamic culture, where the punishment for their existence is DEATH.


Dowd defended his claim by saying that “Muslims are threatened every day in America, by right wing Christian extremists.”

A recent study found that 90,000 Christians died for their faith in 2016, making them the most persecuted religion in the world. Almost a third of those Christian martyrs were killed by Islamic extremists.

The study, carried out by the Center for Studies on New Religions, also found that up to 600 million Christians around the world were prevented from practicing their faith last year.

In the US, Jews are by far the biggest target of anti-religious hate crimes, FBI data shows.

Check this garbage out!

Thank God that we have a president that doesn’t kiss the savage’s asses like Hussein did.

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