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US School FORCES Kids To Convert To Islam, These PISSED OFF Moms Have Perfect Payback


Schools across America are indoctrinating our children with Islamist garbage. The schools claim that they are simply introducing tools for our kids to study the (evil) religion’s effects on our world but we have uncovered the fact that these kids are being forced to declare Islam as the one “true faith,” which obviously has parents FURIOUS!

Two Christian mothers, Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer found out that their children were basically brainwashed into converting to Islam during liberal propaganda disguised as learning tools and they are PISSED OFF!

These patriots do NOT take kindly to having the disease of Islam garbage shoved down their kid’s throats and have demanded that this crap be stopped immediately!


The 2 parents appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and they voiced their deep concerns about the instruction at Chatham Middle School at a school board meeting, but were basically told to F OFF when they asked to meet with the Obama loving liberal superintendent in private.

Hilsenrath explained that as part of her child’s world cultures and geography class, students were instructed to describe the five pillars of Islam and were taught there is “no God but Allah” and that “Mohammed is the messenger.”

“I think it crosses the line, [teaching] one religion and not others,” Hilsenrath said, asking whether it would be appropriate to therefore recite that Jesus Christ is “the way, the truth and the light” and that “no one comes to God but through me.”

She and Gayer said they were labeled bigots and xenophobes after their appearance at the school board meeting, and Hilsenrath said her position was compared to that of the Ku Klux Klan.

Gayer said it was not the first time that the school stirred controversy regarding religion, recounting how her son inserted a short Bible quotation in a slideshow, but was unable to present to his class because the teacher pulled him aside to tell him such a mention “belongs in Sunday School.”

Parent Libby Hilsenrath handed out material, which had been emailed to the board, and gave some details she felt crossed the line into proselytizing during a cartoon video shown to the students (see video below).

Hilsenrath said when she asked to meet with the superintendent, he told her the Curriculum Committee would look into the matter.

Hilsenrath and Gayer are receiving death threats from intolerant leftists and Muslims for opposing the Islamic indoctrination in schools but refuse to back down.

Look, liberals have been completely brainwashed by the smooth talking Muslim- Barack Hussein Obama but the bottom line is that we now have an AMERICAN for president who is hell bent on stopping this infestation of this barbaric Islamic ideology that simply seeks to destroy all of us in civilized societies.

Let me know what you think about this whole Muslim nightmare in the comments!



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