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Internet ERUPTS After People See Something STRANGE At Oscars Last Night- Did You Catch It?


Liberal douche-bag and Obama worshiper Jimmy Kimmel took the stage for Sunday night’s 89th Academy Awards and jumped right into bashing our president.

“The broadcast is being watched in more than 225 countries that now hate us,” Kimme said.

Oh. So funny. Go to hell you liberal pile of shit.

The late night host said many of his acquaintances had asked him to speak up to say something to unite the country, and adopting a slightly serious note, Kimmel completely failed because he is a liberal d-bag.

“I’m not the man to unite this country, but if every person watching this show… took a minute to reach out to someone you disagree with and have a positive conversation, not as liberal or conservatives, but as Americas… we could really make America great again,” he said.

Yeah punk, it’s a pipe dream. You libs are totally out of control. You are violent anarchist paid scumbags that we will swat down like flies- comprehendo bitch?

But after poking fun at longtime “rival” Matt Damon, Kimmel started taking some serious jabs at President Trump.

“It’s so easy to reach out and heal. I want to say thank you to President Trump. I mean, remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist? That’s gone thanks to him.”

You punkass liberal rich trash are a complete embarrassment to America.

The Oscars is a total joke and you all can kiss my ass. 

Kimmel later took things one step further. He asked the crowd to stand for Meryl Streep, who memorably slammed Trump at the Golden Globes.

Meryl Streep is a piece of garbage liberal pile of sh*t. 

He then told the crowd, “Some of you get to come on this stage and make a speech that the President of the United States will tweet about in all caps during his 5 a.m. bowel movement.”

Classy. Go f yourself you demented little Obama ass kissing son of a bitch. Drunken liberal punk.

The Trump jokes from Kimmel continued throughout the show as he took the mic in between award announcements.

Aside from politics, all eyes for the night are on Damien Chazelle’s celebrated musical “La La Land,” up for a record-tying 14 nominations. A best picture upset, while unlikely, isn’t out the question, though. Barry Jenkins’ eight-time nominated “Moonlight” on Saturday took best feature at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, where “La La Land” wasn’t eligible.

The other films up for best picture are Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival,” Denzel Washington’s “Fences,” Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge,” David Mackenzie’s “Hell or High Water,” Theodore Melfi’s “Hidden Figures,” Kenneth Lonergan’s “Manchester by the Sea” and Garth Davis’ “Lion.”

There are some sources of suspense at this year’s Oscars, most notably in the best actor category. While Casey Affleck (“Manchester by the Sea”) was the favorite through most of awards season, Washington (“Fences”) took the highly predictive Screen Actors Guild award, setting him up as the odds-makers’ favored pick.

Affleck, wearing a shirt with the word “love” in Arabic, was among those to speak bluntly against Trump at Saturday’s Spirit Awards.

What a pile of garbage. How pathetic. 

“The policies of this administration are abhorrent and will not last,” said Affleck, accepting the best actor award.

Oh REALLY? You are nothing but an overpaid pile of liberal excrement dude. 

An unusually tense atmosphere has coalesced before the Dolby Theatre ceremony, with protests, rallies and boycotts swirling around this year’s Oscars.

Sick butthurt libs.

These rich a holes need to open up the gates in Beverly Hills and Brentwood and let the Muslim refugees camp out on their lawns, crap all over their homes and rape their daughters and wives.

Then, and only then will they realize that we are right, and they are in freaking la-la land.


(h/t FOX)


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