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BREAKING: So. California On HIGH ALERT- BOMB SQUAD Deployed To This City, Here’s What We Know


Officials are investigating a suspicious package found on the tracks of the Hollywood and Highland Red Line station in Hollywood, California. 

It’s being reported that the ‘package’ is a black backpack which was discovered laying on the train tracks.

Here’s the thing. Why are they paranoid about a little backpack in the liberal city of love? Do they think there could be explosives ready to explode for the purpose of killing Americans and gay people? (Hollywood is notoriously LGBTQ)

But wait! Y’all DEMAND that we let the very people in to America that WANT to KILL you libs and gays and I hate to say it but this STINKS of a Jihadist terror attack. But you can’t comprehend this.

Or some kid dropped his back pack on his way home from a crappy public school that Trump and DeVos want to fix.

Either way, these libs are freaking out, and rightly so and are being forced to get off trains without any other way of getting home while it’s dumping rain.

Traffic is at a complete standstill.

Hard working citizens can’t get home because of this terror scare.

But still, they DEMAND that we let these Muslim Jihadist radicals into the country.

So, have fun in the rain. Have fun sitting in traffic. Have fun wondering if you will get blown up.

If you DO get blown up into thousands of bloody, liberal pieces I promise you I will report the story. Deal?

Good luck and have a great night.

Filthy liberal trash.


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