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WATCH: We Just Dug Up Video Of How Reagan Handled Liberal Thugs Rioting- SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE


Forty-eight years ago, the US National Guard and armed police were forced to shut down violent protesters at Berkeley, California.

Back then, things were different.

There was no Obama.

But there WAS Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was the governor of California at the time these liberals held their protests and let’s just say- Reagan handled it like a boss!

Reagan gave the green light to use whatever method they choose against the protesters. Just shut them down!

With the blessing of then-California governor Ronald Reagan, armed police and soldiers carrying bayonets tackled protesters, many of them students, in a small park set up on unused University of California property.

Hell yeah, these scumbags learned their lesson by getting their as*es kicked.

We need more of this.

I am all for pulling out the big guns to shut these unhinged leftists down.

Check it out!

Hollywood actor turned conservative Republican politician Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial campaign vowed to clean up the “mess” at Berkeley, describing the university’s hippy elements and atmosphere as “contrary to our standards of human behavior”.

In 1967, Governor Reagan expressed his contempt for liberal activism on university campuses in a letter to San Francisco State College, suggesting it was time to take on the “neurotics” running California’s colleges and “lay down some rules of conduct for the students”.

“How far do we go in tolerating these people & this trash under the excuse of academic freedom & freedom of expression?”

Check it out!

Ronald Reagan Versus The Hippies

Despite this, University of California executive vice chancellor Earl Cheit said he “expected no conflict” over the park.

He could not have been more wrong as Reagan allowed law enforcement to use whatever force is necessary in their eviction of park inhabitants on May 15.

Thousands of protesters had gathered in the park when police opened fire with shotguns and buckshot. Student James Rector, 25, died from police gunshot wounds, while another man was blinded in the chaos that unfolded near Telegraph Avenue.

A 1969 police report, held by the Online Archive of California, reveals that more than 400 protesters were picked up in arrests on Bloody Thursday. According to University of California Police Department, 111 police officers were also injured in a riot sparked by the police raid.

At the time, the Desert Sun newspaper described how Reagan “mobilized a ‘substantial number’ of Guardsmen and clamped a strict nighttime curfew on the city and campus.”

“At least 128 persons were injured in the conflict, including 32 hit by blasts of bird shot from police shotguns,” the paper reported.


If you have cockroaches in your home to you kill them with kindness?


You do whatever it takes to destroy them.

That’s what we will do to liberals.

Let them go ahead with the amateur rebellion.

When the time comes, we will show them what life is really about.

Do I fear these anarchists?


They are the equivalent of ants.

When we want them gone- they’ll be gone.

They are absolutely nothing.

Just a bunch of misfits making a paycheck for rioting.

Their days are numbered.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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God Bless.

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