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Internet EXPLODES When LIB Actress With Hairy Armpits Is Caught Wearing This SICK Pin At Golden Globes


The biggest news to come out of the Golden Globe Awards was Meryl Streep lecturing everyone about how evil President-elect Donald Trump is. 

There were other moments such as the response of the few conservatives that were there and how they responded to the washed up liberal’s pathetic rant.

For example, a D-rate actress no one’s ever heard of tried to get some attention by showing off her hairy armpits, promote Planned Parenthood while wearing a “F*ck Paul Ryan” pin.


She wore the pin just three days after Ryan announced the GOP’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood.

Lola Kirke is her name. Never heard of her? Yeah, me neither.

As a progressive liberal Hollywood douche, Kirke believes that not only should killing unborn babies be unregulated but also that American taxpayers should foot the bill.

Sure, liberals like to deceive the public by saying that Planned Parenthood provides health care that is essential to keeping women alive in this country, but they leave out the fact that ObamaCare already covers that stuff by law. They also don’t mention that the only thing not covered by the mandate is abortion. And then there’s that messy business that Planned Parenthood takes millions in taxpayer money and uses it to campaign against Republican candidates.

There is literally no reason why Americans should be funding a liberal baby-killing political organization, but lefties think everyone in this country should finance their whacko agenda.

This isn’t the first time Kirke has shown her disdain for Paul Ryan. She has also worn this classy pin at several other events. In my research into just who the hell this person is I discovered she is British, which makes her protest of American politics even less relevant.

As I said, Kirke’s lazy protest is being treated by liberals as an act of courage, as if having the same opinion as all of your peers is courageous. No seriously, being exactly like everyone else in Hollywood is nothing but conforming, which is what braindead sheep do.

Now try to imagine if a conservative actor (yes they exist) mounted a similar protest. There would be accusations of racism, sexism, and every other kind of “ism” if someone showed up to the Golden Globes with a “F*ck Obama” or “F*ck Hillary Clinton” pin. We don’t actually have to worry about something like that happening because conservatives aren’t a big bunch of crybaby assholes.

Liberals are the scum of the earth.


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