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BREAKING: Airport On High ALERT After Strange Black Thing Emerges From Woman’s Suitcase



Surprise! Look what’s in my suitcase! LMAO!

A 19-year-old African refugee was found zipped inside a suitcase after a woman was detained by authorities while trying to enter Europe via a Spanish enclave next to Morocco.

The woman was arrested by Spanish Civil Guard after trying to smuggle him into Ceuta, which lies on the African mainland directly across the Strait of Gibraltar from the rest of Spain.

Why would this lady try to smuggle some stinking refugee into Europe?

She must be extremely hard up.

The discovery of the Gabonese teen came as more than 1,000 refugees from sub-Saharan Africa tried to storm onto Spanish soil by rushing a border fence between Morocco and Ceuta this week, the Daily Mail reported.

55 police officials were injured in that incident, and all but two refugees, who were injured and taken to a Ceutan hospital, were returned to Morocco.

The Daily Mail reported it was not the first time someone has tried to gain entry to Europe through Morocco inside a suitcase.

There are two Spanish enclaves attached to Morocco: the other, Melilla, lies just west of the Algerian border on the Mediterranean Sea.

And last year an eight-year-old boy, Abou, from Ivory Coast, was also smuggled into Ceuta inside a suitcase.

He was found inside the bag being carried by a 19-year-old woman. He was found in a ‘terrible state’ when police opened the case.



Well, he looks comfy but what in the hell are these people thinking?

For God’s sake please my Lord Jesus Christ just freeze time to the 1950’s.

Life was beautiful back then.

I love life but frankly, the way things are going I won’t lose any sleep departing this world and going to heaven.

This world is a complete mess.

God bless.


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