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BREAKING: 768 DEAD In This US City Because Of Liberals… Here’s The Reason Why


Murder figures for Obama’s hometown Chicago have reached record numbers this year despite the fact that they have some of the harshest gun-control laws in the nation. The murder figure sits at 768 and gun-controlled Chicago is fast-approaching 800 murders for 2016.

Chicago is a liberal gun-control experiment gone extremely wrong. They enacted a a total ban on handguns back in 1982. The end result is that law abiding citizens got screwed. Criminals don’t obey the law so they have plenty of handguns.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the decade following the implementation of Chicago’s ban saw “murders jump by 41 percent, compared with an 18 percent rise in the entire United States.”


AWR HAWKINS at Breitbart reports that the Supreme Court forced Chicago to end that ban via McDonald v. Chicago (2010), but the vestiges of gun control remain and burdensome regulations–like limits on the number of gun stores allowed and strict rules on the locations of those stores–mean law-abiding citizens still have trouble getting the guns they need for defense of home and self.

Moreover, gun control remains the go-to solution for Chicago city leaders and many state politicians who refuse to admit it is actually gun control’s failure that caused this death epidemic to begin with. So state representatives like Sonya Harper (D-6th) react to 2016’s relentless murder spree by sponsoring a bill that would require serial numbers to be placed on every bullet and bullet casing. Would Harper’s plan reduce crime or murder? No. But it would drive up the price of ammunition, thereby putting one more burden in the way of law-abiding citizens trying to acquire the tools they need to defend their lives.

 Sadly, this is the Chicago way. More laws on top of other laws that never delivered on the promises of making the city safer.

Consider these figures from the Tribune: there were 437 murders in Chicago in 2011, there were 506 in 2012, 420 in 2013, 416 in 2014, and 468 in 2015. And now the city is on the brink of 800 murders in one calendar year.

Seventy individuals were shot over Thanksgiving weekend and, more recently, over 40 were shot during the Christmas weekend. In fact, the murder rate in Chicago is so high that it is skewing national murder figures for 2016. Yet the media is largely mum on the soaring death rate, as covering it honestly would mean admitting that gun control has actually endangered lives, rather than saved them.

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