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Waiting NINE YEARS for a doctor — Canada’s healthcare is a warning to ditch Obamacare

Can you imagine waiting 3 or even 9 years for a doctor in the United States? Some Canadians are living that reality.


Canadian Valentine Sicotte requested an appointment with a gastroenterologist when she was 19 years old — she was hoping to deal with some major stomach pain.

The wonderfully industrious public health care in Canada did all they could to make sure she got her important appointment in time.  They called her back promptly just nine short years later.

Sicotte said she had to “try not to laugh” when she took the call since she couldn’t immediately remember ever requesting the appointment.  Thankfully, the condition she was suffering was not life-threatening and she was able to resolve the pain by making some lifestyle and dietary changes.

Here’s the CBC with the call:

Paul Brunet, chair of the Council for the Protection of Patients, said such long wait times are a “breach of service.”
“It’s surreal. Nine years,” Brunet said. “I’m sure somewhere in Africa or eastern Europe, she would have gotten services and access to a specialist before that. The problem is that we in Quebec are paying 10 times more what the people in Eastern Europe and Africa pay to have access to their specialists.” Brunet said he himself turned to the private system for a colonoscopy, after waiting three years to get an appointment at a public hospital.

Still this somewhat funny scenario calls into question the picture liberals like to paint of the healthcare system of our northern neighbors.  It might be an unfortunate fact of life that profit is the greatest guarantee of efficiency.  By creating a bureaucratic system administered by the government, perhaps Canada has withdrawn any incentive for quality care.

Going to the hospital or doctor becomes as annoying as going to the DMV., as difficult as filing complex taxes, and as inconveniencing as a jury summons. 

In any case, it’s scary that this could end up being our future under a system of Obamacare and now more than ever we need Trump to repeal and replace it.

This article was written by Brett MacDonald. If you enjoyed this story or did not, hate mail can be left in the comments below and the author totally won’t ignore it.  

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