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Police Eat Free At KFC in Gallipolis Ohio

By: Brett MacDonald

The war on cops waged by the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization has hit a new front — deep-fried, fast-food, chicken-serving Kentucky Fried Chicken.  When Gallipolis, Ohio KFC patrons popped into their local KFC to order their favorite combo, the signage on the window caught their attention: at this KFC- “All Uniformed Police Officers Eat Free Everyday All Day”


After snagging a photo of the sign, local pro-police organization “Ohio Going Blue” shared the image with their followers on social media.

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Now it’s not hard to imagine this sign causing a bit of drama in the Black Lives Matter community.  Let’s be honest, BLM would rather see thieves and would-be cop murderers like Michael Brown eating for free than any police officer.

Well, tough luck BLM. Now, more than ever, it’s important to establish friendly ties between law enforcement officers and the rest of the community.  The heightened tension only breeds mistrust, and paranoia can lead us into deadly conflicts ending in unnecessary bloodshed.

By facilitating everyday, normal encounters between the police and civilians, the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Gallipolis is strengthening their community and that is commendable in itself.

It turns out that there are a number of KFCs that are offering free meals to officers on duty.  One commentator had this to say about their local establishment:TFUlUAp
As an added bonus, they probably won’t be robbed anytime soon.

This article was written by Brett MacDonald. If you enjoyed this story or did not, hate mail can be left in the comments below and the author totally won’t ignore it.  Compliments or questions may be sent to @ TweetBrettMac. on Twitter!

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