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Russia and Iran forming aggressive military and economic alliance

By Brett MacDonald 


Iran and Russia just took a big leap toward becoming close regional economic and military allies in a move that aligns the Kremlin with one of Washington’s biggest Islamist enemies.

In a match made for heaven, the two regimes that have time and time again humiliated President Obama’s administration and Hillary Clinton’s State Department, are working on a joint economic agreement.

“Those that sign the treaty are also pledged to a military alliance.”

If negotiations are successful, Iran will join Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).  The EEU is ostensibly an economic agreement, and is currently composed of five states: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan.  Like all things in Russia, the EEU is deceptive in nature.  While on the surface the EEU mainly creates a joint trade zone, there are number of peculiarities that set it apart from other deals.  First, those that sign on are also pledged to a mutual defense military alliance.

Second, two of the states, Russia and Belarus, have already merged into a Union State.  They are currently in the process of combining their military power, and while there is still a large degree of domestic autonomy in Belarus, those home-rule liberties will likely decline in the coming years.  In all likelihood, Kyrgyzstan will soon join the Union State as well.  

Due to the militaristic nature of the agreement as well as the creation of the Union State, one has to wonder if the EEU is just a framework for rebuilding the USSR and restoring Russian glory.  If so, fellow Americans be warned:

Russia and Iran are ranked 5th and 8th respectively in terms of global military power.

At the moment, Putin has informally indicated that Russia supports the concept of Iran being added to the free trade zone — a step that almost everyone interprets to mean Iran will be a fully fledged member in the coming years.  Should that bond occur, Iran would not just receive the financial backing of the EEU, but also the military support should they ever come into contact with, say, the United States.

In a worst case scenario, this sort of treaty could pit the United States and Russia against each other in another satellite war.

Although a relatively new union, the EEU has grown remarkably since its inception 2014 — its influence should not be discounted.



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