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Liberals learn running a business is hard.

By Brett MacDonald 

A chain of non-profit restaurants in Australia are on the brink of insolvency, according to a dramatic post by one of the owners.


The chain, Lentil as Anything, is a “pay as you feel” restaurant that challenges patrons to pay only what they think the meal and beverages are worth.  Considering most of Right Wing Tribune’s readers are sensible folk, you can imagine how well this restaurant did–horribly.
This is a tough one to criticize harshly because this was just another road to Hell paved with good intentions, but despite the occasional feel-good story that tells of some scheme like this actually working out, the reality is these quasi-charitable ventures rarely succeed.  In fact, here’s a list of all of the Lentil as Anything restaurants that have already closed down:

  • Brunswick – Sydney Road, opened 2000, closed 2008
  • Belgrave – Burwood hwy, opened 2006, closed 2007
  • Collingwood – Collingwood College, opened 2008, closed 2011
  • Lentil as Africa – Victoria Street, Brunswick, opened 2005, closed 2007
  • Lentil at Fed Square – at Art Play, Birrarung Marr, opened 2008, closed 2009


Look, I don’t want to be too mean here so let  me keep this brief: if you set up a store that panders to the self-important, virtue-signaling, bleeding-heart liberals of the world — you’re going to have an awful time.


Not only does this demographic have a narcissistic selfie-taking disorder, but their solipsism is matched only by their victim-complex.

So when your restaurant fills up with self-described ‘social deviants’ that consider themselves oppressed by the patriarchy, don’t be shocked when the brats hand you a fifty-cent piece for your cooking.

And don’t post this mopey crap to Facebook:



Take a look at what this pizza parlor did in Philly — Patrons can CHOOSE to contribute a slice by paying for a future customer. Just like a ‘leave a penny, take a penny’ jar at a gas station.

Thst doesn’t mean you can’t run a soup kitchen or charity. It just means you have to rethink things.



This article was written by Brett MacDonald. If you enjoyed this story or did not, hate mail can be sent to @ TweetBrettMac. on Twitter!


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