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BREAKING: This 1 Man Could Have Stopped California SLAUGHTER… Here’s The Sick Reason He Didn’t


Political correctness has officially backfired in a deadly way and just may have played a role in the San Bernardino TERRORIST ATTACK by at least 2 Jihads that took the lives of 14 innocent people.

It turns out that a neighbor of Syed Farook and Tafsheen Malik, the two terrorists involved in the slaughter, was reluctant to report what he deemed as ‘suspicious’ activities at the Muslim’s home for fear of being labeled a racist.

Or perhaps getting his head cut off if the Jihads found out!


The neighbor told KCBS in Los Angeles that he had noticed upwards of six Middle Eastern men at the Jihad’s home  in recent weeks, and though he was suspicious, decided against reporting it because he would be labeled a racist or bigot.

Now, if he had gone ahead and reported this suspicious activity to the proper authorities it’s uncertain what would have happened. Would they have listened to him? I really don’t know nowadays but I do know that it certainly could have nipped this Jihad terrorist group’s slaughter at the bud considering the home was a virtual BOMB MAKING FACTORY! 

In spite of all these facts, liberals refuse to call this attack for what it is. Why? Well, I couldn’t tell you what goes on in a liberal’s demented mind frankly but in this case political correctness played a direct role in this tragedy.

You’ve heard the government and the media tell people, “If you see something, say something.” Well, I’m not so sure the authorities would have done a damn thing- after all they are also overly cautious so as not to “offend.”

It’s really out of control folks…

We will keep you informed as more details emerge.

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