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LIBERALS Slam Trump For Insulting Disabled Dude But Here’s What OBAMA Did… Let’s Expose These Hypocrites


GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump has gotten hammered for allegedly mocking a New York Times reporter who has a disability. Liberals have jumped all over this of course but they seemed to have (conveniently) forgotten that their Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama mocked a much bigger group of disabled people- THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS FOUNDATION!

That’s right, liberals are ripping Trump but gave Obama a pass. Nothing new here but we felt that it needs to be pointed out and so did Sean Hannity who exposed the hypocrisy of these filthy libs.

For the record,  Trump claims he wasn’t making fun of the reporter and has demanded an apology from The New York Times for claiming he did.

Here’s the video of Hussein Obama making fun of the people in the Special Olympics.

HAHAHA bro you are so funny! What an idiot.

Now as Hannity points out, Obama’s campaign released an ad that mocked Senator John McCain’s inability to send emails. What they neglected to mention is that McCain’s inability to send emails was the result of physical limitations caused by the torture he underwent while a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

McCain CAN’T use a keyboard. He can’t even comb his own hair for God’s sake!

But of course, Obama got a pass from the libscum media. Democrats always do.

Hillary Clinton is an insane criminal that is responsible for the deaths of four heroes in Benghazi and has irresponsibly put our national security at a state of high risk but do liberals care? HELL NO! Instead, they claim that the whole Benghazi investigation is a waste of money. No- funding ISIS is a waste of money. Funding ripping babies heads off is a waste of money not to mention disgusting. Awarding Muslims millions of dollars in ‘discrimination’ lawsuits is a waste of money. Supporting ILLEGAL FRICKING ALIENS IS A DAMN WASTE OF MONEY! NOW THESE IDIOTS WANT TO SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON ISLAMIC REFUGEES! SCREW EVERY LIBERAL!

I have never hated a group of people more than I hate liberals and I just hope my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ understands. Actually, I think he completely agrees…

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God Bless! Dean James III%

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