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91-Year-Old White Man Brutally Murdered, And What Black Killer Did After Is SICKENING… Obama & Media Silent


Have you ever noticed how Obama and his liberal media are quick to jump on the white man when he commits a crime but are silent if a black person commits a equally serious crime? Yeah, me too.

Liberals swoon over the rare instances of a white on black crime but are silent about black on white crime. This has been the trend since our first half black president was put in office. Obama has done a great job of fueling the flames of racism, not to help blacks but to divide and ultimately conquer America as we know it.

For example, the Detroit Free Press recently reported that a 91-year-old white man was brutally murdered in a by a 17-year-old black teenager but Obama hasn’t said a word. 

91-year-old Paul Monchnik was a retired TV repairman who happened to be WHITE. He was well liked in his Detroit neighborhood. He basically minded his own business and was enjoying his last years here on earth- that is until this 17-year-old little punk decided to break into his home and rob him.

But it gets worse. Much worse. 

The young black thug couldn’t find anything worth stealing so he violently beat the hell out of Monchnik and then set his home on fire reportedly to cover his tracks.

Mr. Monchnik was found with a head injury and severe burns all over his body and pronounced dead at the scene.

This is just sickening. Why? What is wrong with these useless hoodlums?

The prosecutor, Kym Worthy said, “The word ‘heinous’ does not even begin to describe this crime.”

Monchnik was a widowed father of three who lived by himself and had been in the house for 65 years.

Monchnik was nearly deaf but thriving in his old age, keeping himself well-groomed and reading newspapers to stay informed, said his son Scott Monchnik, 56, of West Bloomfield. Reached Wednesday night, the son said everything about the case shocked him.

“These neighbors, actually, have been helping my dad for years. So I’m really having a hard time getting my head around the idea that someone from their family was involved,” Scott Monchnik said.

“But I’m very glad they went to police. And I’m very glad that this person is off the streets, so he cannot do harm to anybody else,” the son said.

George Steward has been charged with arson and felony murder.

While Barack Obama and liberals are quick to accuse all white people with racism over the actions of a few police officers or a couple deranged white murderers, they totally ignore crimes that Muslims, Mexican illegal aliens and blacks commit.

They don’t acknowledge the rampant criminal activities among black teens in America. It just doesn’t fit their warped agenda.

Let’s hope this animal is convicted and executed. It’s the right thing to do…

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