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VIDEO: Truck Driver Gets SWARMED By HERD Of “Refugees”… IMMEDIATELY Takes Matters Into His Own Hands


Refugees are invading Europe in record numbers and for the most part, they don’t seem to be very friendly. And they also appear to be young men for the most part.

Here we have a video that reportedly shows a trucker heading to the U.K. from France and he is pretty fed up with these people. They block traffic. They throw rocks at cars and trucks. They urinate in public.

CONTENT WARNING: Video contains strong language that may not be suitable for all viewers.

Now, I have to point out that these ‘refugees’ are all military aged males. Where are the widows and children Obama and the liberals keep talking about?

Secondly, did you notice how hostile these scumbags are? Is this what we want in America? HELL NO!

 The angry driver is spot on when he says, “There is a lot of them again. Here are the kids. Hello! Why don’t you sons of b*****s go back home and fight? Your women got the weapons and fighting against … ISIS! F*** you!”

He’s got a good point you know!

Here we have hard working people trying to do their jobs, in this case driving their trucks to deliver goods and they have to deal with scumbags that are entering the country illegally.

Eventually, the driver comes on police who are dealing with another mob of illegals and he says, “Look! We need a line of policemen to defend the highway from these filthy bastards!”

After watching this it’s hard to fathom how Obama and his sheeple would want to import these people to our wonderful country. 

(H/T Mad World News)

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