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This Town Launches New Effort To Ban THIS Clothing Item… THUGS Are FURIOUS


PANTS UP DON’T LOOT! Yeah, the worst fashion statement EVER! Wearing your pants below your buttocks and having your underwear show is annoying as well as offensive. Now, one town in Mississippi has finally taken action to put a stop to it.

WDAM7 is reporting that the Laurel Police Department and Mayor Johnny Magee are asking citizens to pull their pants up when they are out in public because, “no one wants to see your underwear.”

The town is putting signs up that read, ‘PULL UP YOUR PANTS- NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR!”

Brilliant, actually.

Photo credit / WDAM7

Photo credit / WDAM7

“We’re trying to bring awareness to our young people to pull up your pants,” Police Chief Tyrone Stewart explained, adding that “no one wants to see your underwear.”

Chief Stewart put up the first sign outside of the municipal court court building Tuesday morning.

“When you come here to our facilities, we want you to act right,” the chief said. “On a weekly basis, you see these young people coming to court, and the way they’re dressed with their pants hanging below their buttocks, and you have to have one of the personnel here to tell them to ‘pull up your pants before you come in the courtroom.’ That’s disturbing because that’s something these young people should have learned at home.”

He’s right. Who’s raising these hoodlums? Remember Aretha Franklin? The 1967 Motown hit RESPECT? Come on now people!

WDAM-TV 7-News, Weather, Sports-Hattiesburg, MS

Conservative Tribune reports that the ACLU has argued previously that walking around with your pants around your ankles is a right we all must enjoy, because outlawing such a fashion choice could lead to police stopping and searching people without any real cause.

The mayor of Laurel disagreed, arguing that this country is all about freedom, but that the Founders had something other than displaying underclothes in mind when the wrote the Bill of Rights.

“I grew up in an era where we were taught to dress neatly. We were taught to put our shirt in out pants, have a belt on, have your jeans clean, and it’s a different era now. Now everybody wants to be able to walk around anyway they want to, and they say it’s their freedom,” Mayor Johnny Magee said.

“And that is true, but the people that fought and died, the revolutionary fathers, those are not the freedoms they were talking about. They were talking about things like freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly. Those kinds of things, not freedom to be half naked in public,” he stated.

The police Department plans on putting 50 of these signs up around town.


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