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RUBIO: We CANNOT Take Syrian Refugees… We Just Can’t


A growing number of states, as well as many politicians are defying Barack Hussein Obama’s insane importation of 200,000 so-called ‘Syrian Refugees’ in the wake of Friday’s Paris terror attacks.

One of those politicians is Republican presidential hopeful, Senator Marco Rubio!

On his official campaign website Rubio weighed in on the Syrian refugee dilemma.

We Cannot Take Syrian Refugees

“We won’t be able to take more refugees. It’s not that we aren’t compassionate. But we can’t. There’s no way to background check them.”

Here’s the video!

We agree with Sen. Rubio. We would be complete fools (Obama) to let these people in. We can’t afford them. We have our own people including veterans and our elderly to take care of. Not to mention that ISIS is sending their killers via ‘refugees.’

It’s a no brainer. It’s unfortunate that these people are having a hard time in life but that’s not OUR problem.

We have made the ultimate sacrifices making our country great. It’s bad enough that Barack Obama ended up here. We certainly don’t need anymore blood sucking foreigners here. If other countries want them then so be it. Here in America, they are NOT welcome.



God Bless! Dean James III%

(H/T America’s Freedom Fighters)

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