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This Viral Photo Destroys Self-Entitled College Students That Complain About Debt and Want Free EVERYTHING…


Thanks to liberals and socialists like Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders (lol) college students are now demanding free EVERYTHING! They think that they are entitled to a free ride at the expense of hard working Americans. TAX THE RICH!

They complain that college is too expensive and it’s not FAIR.

Well, this one photo — which is going viral — absolutely destroys every argument these people use to justify their bogus entitlement thinking.


Sean Brown at Mad World News writes:

That seems like a rather simple concept, doesn’t it? Rather than strap hard-working families with even higher tax burdens so you can have “free” stuff, why don’t you work hard, keep your nose to the grind, and pay back the debts you accumulated on your own?

What the millennials, demanding all this free stuff, don’t seem to realize is that the only things we have a right to are those that don’t require capital or the labor of another person. Nobody owes anybody anything other than respect and common courtesy, which means that forcing others to pay for their “free” stuff isn’t only morally wrong, it’s against the basic principles of the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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God Bless! Dean James III%

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