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Sheriff Clarke Just Got Busted In THIS “Inexcusable Act”… You Won’t Believe What He Did


The great Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke is back in the news! We are big fans and this just proves, once again what an awesome patriot he is!

Apparently, Clarke parked his police cruiser in a handicap parking spot near the Milwaukee County War Memorial for a Veterans Day ceremony Wednesday.

Clarke says that he instructed one of his officers to move the vehicle for him but the officer never did!

So what did the great Sheriff do? HE WROTE HIMSELF A TICKET! How awesome is THAT?


Clarke issued this press release from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office:


“I pulled up in front of the War Memorial, got out of my squad car and directed a Captain to move the vehicle and properly park it.

That order was not followed. When I came out of the Veterans Day event and noticed the vehicle still there and found out that my order was not followed, I ordered a county citation be written on the vehicle.

Citation # 755472. I paid the fine of $35 and since the city parking fine exceeded that ($200) I made a personal donation to an organization that works with the disabled.

That $235 total exceeds the city parking violation. I would rather the money go to a private org working with the disabled than to government. I have copies of all receipts.

The rules are the same for my squad as any car except in an emergency or official business but not in a handicap area. In addition I ordered an internal investigation for my order not being followed. That is inexcusable.”

Again, we love SHERIFF CLARKE!

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God Bless! Dean James III%

(H/T Global News)

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