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Black Pastors Meet With Trump… What Happened Behind Closed Doors Could Be A GAME CHANGER

By Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

During a two-and-a-half hour meeting with 40 pastors in the Trump Tower on Monday, 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump managed to make some headway with the black community.

Trump realizes that to take this nation back down the path of recovery, he must reach out to the minority groups and start healing the racial tensions. That alone is why that I find this story important and was pleasantly surprised at the feedback from the black leaders that attended this meeting.

Breitbart reports that Pastor Darrell Scott was impressed with Trump, telling The Brody File that Trump listened attentively while nodding his head, “humbly” accepting criticisms from leaders asking him to tone down his rhetoric. “He has a very high regard and a very deep respect for men and woman of the cloth,” Scott said.

Black leaders told Trump they felt he hadn’t connected with black voters. Trump cited polls highlighting black support but ultimately agreed with them.

“I think Donald Trump changed the opinions of the African-American pastors that were in the room. They saw a side of him outside of the media depiction, and that they would give strong consideration in regards to supporting his candidacy,” Scott said.

Scott’s observations echoed that of CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Javier Palomarez.

“It’s kind of interesting, the dichotomy between the private Donald Trump and the public Donald Trump. He listened a lot more than he spoke. He never once interrupted me,” Palomarez told CNN:

At one point, Palomarez said Trump joked that “he didn’t need the Hispanic vote” as he referenced his high poll numbers.

“But I think we both know that he’s recognized that in fact, he does need the Hispanic vote,” Palomarez added.

For one, I am glad he took the time to do this. I believe he is a good man and truly has America’s best interest at heart. What I like about Trump is that he never afraid to ask others advice, whether it’s Jeff Sessions, or meeting with these folks. And they usually all come away liking him.

I also like his “politically incorrect” stance, it’s a breath of fresh air. Despite the fact he has admitted his attacking other candidates can be “a little childish,” he stated in an interview that, “I’m responding to them, I’m a counter puncher.” No one can expect another to not fire back when other’s are attacking them. The 2016 election is thankfully still many months away and I am observing all the potential candidates closely, but I must say that this man is at the top of my choices.

If you look at this election, just at a glance, Trump running for President doesn’t make any sense. The millions of dollars he’s spending, all the abuse that he’s taking, you have to ask why? If you take a moment to look at the “bigger picture” it makes all the sense in the world. He is a businessman and is seeing first hand that America can not go on without falling, and doesn’t want to see that happen. If the American economy hits rock bottom, his way of life and business ventures will be all for nothing.

It’s truly time we “Make America Great Again!”


God Bless. Dean James III%

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