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What This Liberal News Network Just Did Has Millions Of Jews Totally OUTRAGED

Liberal MSM strikes again! What a bunch of morons and how horrible for holocaust survivors to bear witness to  this, which was a horrible time, and to be reminded on Yom Kippur. This would be the equivalent of wishing African Americans a “happy black history month” while wearing a KKK outfit.

Whoever was in charge of putting up that image, I’d like to say to him, “You had one job, just ONE. AND YOU SCREWED UP! YOU’RE FIRED!” It was probably some illiterate illegal alien making $50 an hour who did this. I can understand making mistakes, but this one takes the cake.

Hollywood Reporter

Local Chicago news station WGN used a symbol of Nazi persecution as the graphic accompanying their Yom Kippur story on Tuesday night. The WGN anchor was recognizing the Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur, a day where Jews fast and atone for their sins. However, viewers were aghast at the picture that was use for the story, the yellow Star of David badge that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

Twitter user Marc Karlinsky almost immediately posted this tweet in response to the mistake the network had obviously made.

Approximately 30 minutes later the news network responded with a short apology also via Twitter.

I am not Jewish and I find it appalling that anyone would find this a minor offense. I have known survivors of the holocaust my entire life and I stand in solidarity with my friends on this matter. Chicago has the second largest Jewish community in the United States. Obviously this man and the interns are not from Chicago, and have failed to understand an insult such as this will not go well for their employment in Chicago.

Chicago is a notorious home for German and Ukrainian nazis who were granted safe passage and citizenship in US after WWII. No wonder that antisemitism is alive and well in Chicago. Add to that fact that it is the home of our current president, and there is obviously nothing Pro-israeli about him. ZILCH.

While it is very offensive and is deservedly receiving outrage from some on social media, a thought crossed my mind. Imagine if some offensive sign of Mohammed or Allah was shown on MSM. The Liberal world would be on it’s head, calling for the dismissal of all involved. It will be very interesting to see just how this plays out, and if anyone truly answers for the “innocent” mistake. 

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