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Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Liberals don’t have any idea as to what is coming across our borders, and probably don’t care. As long as they vote Democrat they don’t give a crap. A lot of these “immigrants” are very dangerous. It’s the truth and if I get called out for speaking the truth, then so be it.

I am for securing our border, and halting immigration from every other 3rd world country because we need to address our veterans, our sick, our elderly, our homeless, and get AMERICANS WORKING AGAIN.

We continually see stories of “repeat” offenders being detained time and time again, but this story has an even more disturbing twist.

This is what Donald Trump was speaking of, when he talked about the ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into our country to rape and murder our citizens. They keep coming back, even after they’ve been deported. It’s so easy!

Breitbart reports:

The same week the National Border Patrol Council head revealed that one out of every five Border Patrol arrests last year was of a criminal alien, U.S. Border Patrol agents in Texas arrested a previously deported, convicted sex offender from Bolivia.

According to Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents at the Uvalde Border Patrol Station arrested 57-year old Eliseo Cespedes-Vargas after the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office encountered him during a traffic stop on September 11.

Uvalde Border Patrol agents helped with the stop an determined Vargas was an illegal immigrant from Bolivia and one who had been arrested for attempted rape in 1992 and convicted in 2007. He was ordered removed in 2011. So far this fiscal year 13 previously deported sex offenders.

Border Protection explained that Vargas’ initial removal order will be reinstated and he will be charged with “illegal re-entry of an aggravated felon.”

“Apprehending known felons at or near the border is among our prime objectives,” said Rodolfo Karisch, Chief Patrol Agent, Del Rio Sector. “The outstanding efforts of our agents in apprehending undocumented immigrants with prior criminal records makes our community safer.”

So I wonder if this story will change people’s mind about needing a wall at our southern border. Also I ask, do any of our politicians care about America? Maybe if their families were affected, things would change. Our politicians obviously have no backbone, most of them are pathological liars, I mean seriously, can’t people see what is happenjng to America.

“Illegal aliens” is really redundant, if they crossed the border illegally, they are criminals, all of them, no discussion necessary. People have to start thinking of their family, friends and neighbors safety, and demand our borders be closed. We have to put illegal aliens in prison for crossing our borders illegally. Take away all sanctuary city status. Let’s be honest, these cities are just calling themselves that to allow illegals to vote democratic, isn’t it obvious? They don’t care that they are violent criminals as long as they vote democrat. Wake up people, it’s always been about votes.

In 2014 ICE deported 177,000 convicted criminals. Of this number, 91,000 were arrested by the Border Patrol trying to illegally re-enter this country. To put this figure in perspective, in 2014 the Border Patrol apprehended and arrested just under 500,000 illegal immigrants – meaning that one in every five arrests last year by the Border Patrol was a criminal alien…

God Bless. Dean James III%

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