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“Daddy, This Is Weird…” Dad FURIOUS After 12 Yr. Old Girl Brings “Perverted” Item From School

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No wonder you are getting more parents home schooling, this is unacceptable for any child. What are these teachers thinking, how would anyone say this is acceptable reading material? Any teacher that teaches this kind of immoral crap needs to be fired. And any school district thinking this is acceptable need to be shut down! It’s time to take out the trash. It’s time we put healthy information back in the schools, this is just not right.

caroline Caroline Bayard at Little reports:

It’s no secret that sex sells and unfortunately for young kids, there are way more bad influences out there in the media than good ones. While this is nothing new, there’s no denying that things in the media are more sexualized than ever before and even though many schools make efforts like enforcing strict dress codes, this next story tells us that they still have a long way to go.

I find it absolutely insane that kids at East Forsyth Middle School in Kernersville, NC are being exposed to what one father calls “50 Shades of Grey” for kids. Travis Vanhoy was understandably outraged when his 12-year-old daughter said “Daddy, this is weird” and showed him a book she took out from the school’s library.

The book is titled Real Live Boyfriends and contains excerpts like “And if you don’t like me that much anymore, why do you like grabbing my boob?” on page 101, followed by ““Eventually when his hand roamed up my dress toward my butt…”


The Roman Empire failed after the immoral decline of their people and the “homosexual” sect rose to greater stature than the rest of the people. Kind of reminds you of whats happening in America today. This is just another way of getting to the core of immorality in this country, as young as possible. There was a time when it was beyond reproach to distribute this kind of perversion to children.

It isn’t the schools place to decide what is appropriate for your child to be exposed to in terms of sex education. A book that talks about a guy feeling up a girl is despicable for any kid, and has zero place in any school PERIOD! There are plenty of other topics to discuss that doesn’t include such sexually explicit and suggestive material. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

God Bless. Dean James III%

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