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OUTRAGEOUS: Liberal Colleges Brainwashing Students Into Believing 9/11 Was Our Fault…

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On 9/11 when most of the country will be remembering the victims on the 14th anniversary of the attacks, many college students in this country will be taught to sympathize with the terrorists instead.

America-hating leftist professors are systematically indoctrinating our youth into believing that it’s all our fault and that the US deserved punishment for “imperialism” — and that the kids are too young to remember or understand what really happened.

 Paul Sperry at New York Post reports:

Case in point is a freshman-level English class taught at several major universities across the country called “The Literature of 9/11” — which focuses almost entirely on writings from the perspective of the Islamic terrorists, rather than the nearly 3,000 Americans who were slaughtered by them.

The syllabus, which includes books like “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and “Poems from Guantanamo: Detainees Speak,” portray terrorists as “freedom fighters” driven by oppressive US foreign policies.


Even highly ranked University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has adopted the curriculum. The 9/11 seminar is taught by UNC associate English professor Neel Ahuja, who specializes in “post-colonial studies.”

In Ahuja’s twisted worldview, al Qaeda terrorists are the real victims. “Abu Zubaydah’s torture may be interpreted as simply one more example of the necropower of US imperialism, the power to coerce and kill targeted populations,” Ahuja recently wrote in an academic paper criticizing the war on terror.

He says America’s depiction of the 9/11 terrorists as “monsters” is merely an attempt to “animalize” them as insects and justify “squashing” them in “a fantasy of justice.”

As many have noticed in recent times, there has been a push to rewrite our children’s curriculum at school. It is the continued indoctrination of our young people by liberal professors and universities all over the country, which actually started in the late 70’s early 80’s! Just like the common core crap, they want people to just accept what they say as truth, not think for themselves and NEVER EVER question! Now the Anti-American sentiment grows as these same socialist universities have introduced classes on the tragedy of 9-11.



We need to ‘sympathize’ with these peaceful Muslims…

It’s one thing to think critically based on facts; another entirely to withhold facts and/or influence the context of presentation. This is the trap our children fall into when they are taking courses, and will be tested on the lessons taught by their professor. Whether they are presenting facts or not, it will be passed along to the masses as factual.

The new socialist America is erasing our history a little at a time. When will there be an end to it?

God Bless. Dean James III%

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