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LIBERALISM: Food Stamp Beneficiaries Exceed 45 Million For 50 Straight Months… This Is Obama’s America

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The new America of the Democratic Party and their leader Barack Hussein Obama! Create an illusion of “more jobs”, when in actuality people are lucky to find a part time job and when they do it leads to needing supplemental government assistance to feed their families. It is the only way to control the masses- through socialism and dictatorship.


The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The number of beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps, has exceeded 45 million for 50 straight months, according to data released by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In June 2015, the latest month for which data is available, there were 45,510,153 beneficiaries of the food stamp program, an increase of 14,869 between May and June.

Beneficiaries of this program now exceed the population of Canada, which totals 34,834,841, according to a widely used source for such figures.

This is not an attack on most people who are now forced to supplement ways of of putting food on the table. People who have worked for 30 years and now can’t get a job because they are “overqualified.” (not foreigners illegally in the US working for less than is legally allowed and not reported, also not having their “withholding” turned into the IRS makes someone more attractive to potential employers.) Their options at the moment are to starve or do what the long term leaches have done. Hard choice, but not one easily declined!

This man’s agenda involves suppressing the middle class and lower income, he’s not discriminatory about the race he suppresses, he is taking us all down. American’s are willing to assist their fellow countrymen and women in need, as long as they are putting fourth the proper effort. We must build the infrastructure of America and get hard working people back as part of the workforce, Obama’s liberal policies are destroying our once proud nation.

God Bless. Dean James III%

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