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BREAKING: Proof That Obama’s Liberal Media Supports White Hating, Cop Killer #BlackLivesMatter Thugs… SPREAD THIS

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Anyone with a brain knows that #BlackLivesMatter is a racist group calling for the killing of whites and police officers. The federal government needs to act now and charge them as terrorists. It is obvious as long as Obama and his minions are in charge this will never happen.

It’s completely mind boggling that these liberals are actually siding with these racist criminal thugs but they are! 

Breitbart reports:

News articles and opinion pieces defending or promoting the #BlackLivesMatter movement have popped up across nearly the entire mainstream media in the hours before slain Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth’s funeral.

Deputy Goforth was ruthlessly executed while wearing his uniform and pumping gas into his vehicle. The assassin shot the deputy from behind and then unloaded a 15-round magazine into his lifeless body in a textbook case of a murder inspired by deep hatred. The tragedy occurred in the midst of mainstream media pumping up the #BlackLivesMatter movement, even though the group has widely called for the murder of law enforcement officers and the defense of unrepentant convicted cop-killers, such as “Assata Shakur” and “Mumia Abu-Jamal.”

One only has to Google the news on #BlackLivesMatter for the day to see how widespread and intentional medias’ effort to provide air cover for the movement are. The New York Times published “The Truth of Black Lives Matter,” identifying the mob as a resurgence of the civil rights movement. The Huffington Post insisted that anyone thinking the #BlackLivesMatter rhetoric on killing cops actually influenced people to do so were “ridiculous” with “5Things to Tell Anyone Who Blames Black Lives Matter for Violence Against Cops.” The list of outlets participating in providing air cover for the radical movement ahead of Deputy Goforth’s funeral include NBC News, Mother Jones, The Root,, MSNBC, and the Washington Post. The list could continue, but you likely get the point. The Guardian went as low as insisting that the “attack” on #BlackLivesmatter was all a “Republican” political “game.”


Liberals and their crappy media are proving every day that they’re a more destructive enemy to America than ISIS or drug cartels. They keep pushing their racists propaganda on decent hardworking, law biding people of this country and there will be a backlash like never seen before. Black lives matter group should go get jobs and support their kids instead of holding uncivil race baiting rallies every day. And destroying the very cities y’all live in is insane.

We are witnessing the demented logic of liberalism. We are witnessing the disastrous result of electing this racist black president that blames white people for anything and everything. We are witnessing the destruction of Western civilization as we know it…

God Bless. Dean James III%

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