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BOOM: Chris Christie Just Issued This EXPLOSIVE Warning To CNN… [WATCH]

Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

September 16th, CNN will host the next Republican debate and Christie said that there could be fireworks if he is ignored like he was on last month’s debate on Fox. Oh this could be good, maybe fatal for Christie, but good entertainment for us. So CNN you better take heed, ignore him at your own risk.

He said this on Monday’s “the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The presidential candidate stated that at one point in the debate, 20 questions went by and none were for him.

Fallon said, “I was waiting for you to talk.”

“Me too!” stated Christie.

They keep babbling back and forth with each other and Christie said this in the end, “Stay tuned on Sept. 16th. We may be changing tactics,” Christie said. “You know, if I get to like 15 questions in a row – count ’em at home – if I get 15 in a row, you’re going to go ‘Uh oh, he’s going to go nuclear now.'”

After he said that Fallon nearly jumped out of his seat. “That’s what I’m talking about, that’s what we want to see!” Fallon said.

Watch the video:

YouTube video via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

I for one would absolutely love to see him say something even more ridiculous like he has done over and over every time he opens his mouth. Continuing to be over the top radical and push away even more voters. Christie you are a disgrace to the Republican party.

The last debate you showed your loud mouth nature. You might not have had many questions, but you did manage to start an argument with Rand Paul. I half expected you to throw yourself on the floor screaming. Not too mature for you, but it was hilarious entertainment. Maybe we will get to see an encore.

God Bless. Dean James III%

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