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BOOM: Ted Cruz Just Issued This Brutal Message To Hussein Obama… SPREAD THIS

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When a sitting president seems to indict Law Enforcement Officers while condoning criminal acts with statements that defend criminals, it obviously sets the tone for these domestic terrorist movements like Black Lives Matter to go out and kill the police.

I’ve witnessed the actions of several presidents and I’ve never seen race relations, or lack there of, this bad. I definitely have never seen the disrespect for law enforcement as prevalent as it has been over the last 8 years. It is a breath of fresh air to see some of our representatives speaking out against the actions of the corrupt man that currently resides in the White House.

Senator Ted Cruz is once again as straight forward and correct in his views of this administration.

Breitbart reports:

Following the shooting of a Sheriff in Houston, Texas by a black man as well as chants from Black Lives Matter protesters advocating violence against police, GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) issued a statement saying he is proud to stand with law enforcement.

Cruz is calling for leadership to act against this assault on all law enforcement officers, in light of the killing of Harris Country deputy sheriff Darren Goforth, which took place in Cruz’s hometown.

“We stand with our police officers, we stand with our fire fighters, with our EMS, with our first responders,” Cruz’s statement began. “These are brave humans who risk their lives keeping us safe. We are seeing a manifestation of the rhetoric and vilification of law enforcement that is coming form the top — all the way to the President of the United States and senior administration officials.”

Cruz continued:

Cops across this country are feeling the assault. They’re feeling the assault from the President, from the top on down as we see, whether it’s in Ferguson or Baltimore, the response of senior officials of the President, of the Attorney General, is to vilify law enforcement. That is fundamentally wrong, and it is endangering the safety and security of us all.

I’m proud to stand with law enforcement, to stand with the police and fire fighters and first responders. They are American heroes. And they need a President who doesn’t attack and vilify them and who doesn’t seek to tear us apart along racial lines to inflame racial divisions. Instead we need a President who works to bring us together and unify us behind shared American values.

I absolutely agree with Sen. Cruz on this. This Administration with its actions and words has greatly contributed to the current attacks on our police, military, first responders, and now our news reporters. It is irresponsible and dangerous to our society. This Obama administration, in my eye’s, is doing this all for politics. How incredibly blind are the ones who do not see that this is all about votes.

For example, who spoke out against law enforcement and did not say a thing when the Sheriff was recently gunned down by a coward? Besides siding once again with criminals, all we saw was more garbage on gun legislation. Always be wary of the leader that villifies others and wants to protect you by taking away your ability to defend yourself. Whether that be through the courts, or by rights bypassed that are protected by our constitution. These phony Pied Pipers that spew division always have an agenda.

I know it would cause a race war in our country to call for the impeachment of Obama, but enough is enough. He is inciting a civil war while demoralizing our military. He then makes dangerous deals with our enemies to the detriment of our friend Israel. He celebrates the killing of police officers by his silence. He is silent when Christians are murdered because of their faith and he ignores the voice of the majority by writing his own laws. How long do we have to endure his blatant abuse of the office “We the People” elected him to protect? His actions, rhetoric, and silence is Un-American. We as a nation don’t need his kind of leadership any longer.

In closing I would personally like to thank Mr. Cruz for speaking out once again and proving he has became a strong voice for the people.

God Bless. Dean James III%

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