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RINO ALERT: John Boehner Just Said THIS About Ted Cruz… It Should Be Considered An Endorsement From The Establishment

Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Boehner and McConnell has rendered the GOP totally irrelevant. Real conservatives have spoken out against these two and for good reason, most recently, Senator Ted Cruz. I’m sure Cruz’s recent comment of McConnell being a liar may have weighed in Boehner’s obvious dislike of the republican presidential hopeful.

I have to say Boehner calling Cruz a “Jackass” must mean Cruz is doing something right. Although, I’m sure Boehner knows alot about asses, he has his nose inserted firmly up Obama’s on a continual basis.

The Daily Caller reports:

Speaker of the House John Boehner stunned audience members Wednesday evening at a Colorado fundraiser by referring to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz as a “jackass,” two people in attendance tell The Daily Caller.

At a Steamboat Springs event for GOP Rep. Scott Tipton, the Ohio Republican quipped that he likes how Cruz’s presidential campaign keeps “that jackass” out of Washington, and from telling Boehner how to do his job.

That remark rubbed some attendees the wrong way. “I don’t think it’s terribly speaker-like, and I think it kind of goes against everything that Reagan ever said about disparaging Republicans,” said Ed MacArthur, the president of Native Excavating, who attended the fundraiser.

Another Steamboat Springs resident confirmed Boehner’s remark: “I about fell on the floor.” “To build coalitions to work together in Washington, D.C., you don’t start it out by calling your colleague a ‘jackass,’” she said.

Idiots like Boehner are why congress is corrupt, useless, and spineless. You are a traitor to the people you swore under oath to represent. John Boehmer does not know that the jackass represents Dems and RINO’s, himself included. There is more common sense and basic intelligence in Ted Cruz’s little fingernail than in John “the Appeaser” Boehner’s entire body. I’m sure Boehner probably wears kneepads when he meets with Obama. He’s almost as pathetic as the lineup of Democrat presidential candidates.

John Boehner :: Jameson

John Boehner :: Jameson

Funny that Obama claims he is a constitutional scholar, huge difference, Cruz actually is! Boehner is Barry’s golf buddy, so honestly why would anyone expect anything less out of the Boehner camp. I applaud you Mr. Cruz, keep pounding these Rino’s and holding them to a higher standard, we the people have your back.

God Bless. Dean James III%

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