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#BlackLiesMatter – Black Veteran Absolutely Shreds #BlackLivesMatter Thugs In EPIC Video…

Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

A video titled “Black Lies Matters” is getting a lot of attention on social media, and for good reason. A Vietnam Veteran, Mason Weaver, is telling the “Black Lives Matter” group how pointless their protesting is, even saying they are being paid to do all the destruction they have done.

I love his common sense. Each of our lives are what we make of it. Our children need strong advocates to show them to value themselves and to value other people, just as they are, and not pre-judge them.

There are plenty of haters out there trying to start a race war. They incite riots, ignorance, intolerance, and are bigots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. There is no message, they just want to see the world burn while making an easy dollar.

The opportunistic politicians and media pundits thrive on all this division and use it against us. We all want this to stop but uncompromising one-sided people replaying the same arguments over and over is just media and special interests exploitation.

It’s partially a mental health issue, part incompetent parenting, to racial, cultural, educational and economic issues. I would personally like to see media stop fanning the flames and inciting riots and start leading us in positive directions. Most of us know that is never going to happen.

I keep saying as long as you victimize yourself, you’re always going to be a victim. There are many minorities at a disadvantage. There is also strength in numbers, but separate yourself from the numbers and you weaken. The only way we can be a strong nation is unite.

Mason Weaver you are a true American and doing it the American way by working hard, raising your children, and enjoying our freedom. I hope many will actually listen to his words. There is a lot of truth spoken on his video.

Thank you sir for your service. We honor you!

Enjoy the video via Orion Blastar

Looking at Mason Weaver’s Facebook page I came to realize that this is a great man. We, white people and black people are getting tired of this garbage. We are going to push back. ‪#‎blackliesmatter‬

Simply awesome…

God Bless. Dean James III%

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