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Army Vet Hears Screams, RUNS To Pool When He Sees What Crowd’s Doing To Boy…


An Army veteran was on vacation at a hotel in Florida when he heard ‘blood curdling’ screams coming from down below their room. He saw a crowd gathered around a young boy and when he saw what was happening he instantly ran like hell to save the day!

Carlos Mullen and his fiancee were relaxing on their 3rd floor room when they heard the commotion on the ground according to FOX35.

“I hear this blood curdling scream. People were just screaming,” Christina Lamothe said.

Mullen looked over the rail of his balcony and saw a kid lying on the ground surrounded by a bunch of people.

That’s when Carlos took action and thank God he did!

Sean Brown at Mad World News reports:

When he made it downstairs, Mullen discovered a 6-year-old boy unconscious on the ground, and people were begging for help. Apparently, the little boy was swimming when he went under and inhaled a great deal of water before being pulled onto the deck. Fortunately, Mullen’s training paid off in a major way after having been in high stress situations before.

“I looked in this kid’s eyes, and I’ve seen shock on a man’s face before,” Mullen said. “This kid had that look.”

Mullen immediately started performing CPR on the boy, and before too long, there were signs of life again.

“I was able to do what I had to do to get the child a heartbeat,” Mullen said.

Westgate Resorts, where the terrifying incident occurred, doesn’t have a lifeguard on duty, but they post numerous signs letting people know that swimming is at their own risk, which the company told the news outlet in a statement. However, it’s important to note that most resorts aren’t required by law to have lifeguards on duty due to the shallow depth of their pools, which usually aren’t any deeper than four or five feet and have the depths across the pool clearly marked to warn swimmers.

Knowing that resort pools usually aren’t attended, Mullen and his fiancée wanted to remind others that it’s up to those using them to stay vigilant and look out for each other.

“If you see something going down, don’t be afraid to jump in and help,” urged Mullen.

When Carlos was asked if believed he was a hero he responded, “Not at all, the heroes are [the boy’s] brothers.  His brothers pulled him out of the water.”

Well, let me tell you something Mr. Mullen. YOU ARE A HERO! Not everyone would have bothered to leave their room to save this kid. But you did and for that WE SALUTE YOU!

As far as the young boy’s outlook, he is absolutely fine after spending the night in the hospital.

Again, great job sir and yes, YOU ARE TRULY A HERO! Thank you for your service and your heroism. This country needs more patriots like you. 

God Bless. Dean James III%

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