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WATCH #BlackLivesMatter MORON To CNN… “All Lives Matter” Is A Violent Statement

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Why don’t these people take a little vacation to northern Africa to see what it’s really like when people are at war with their country. Notice, usually the one screaming racism are the Black Lives Matter crowd or a liberal. MLK must be rolling in his grave watching the actions of his people after he fought and died for equal rights of all. His vision was ahead of his time, the original “All Lives Matter” spokesman. Continually we see the ancestors of this great man open their mouths and spew nothing but hatred and once again, as you are about to see, they are at it again.

August 15, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Scott Olson/ Getty Images

 at Mediaite reports:

A #BlackLivesMatter activist appearing on CNN told host Wolf Blitzer that saying “all lives matter” is actually a “violent statement.”

Activist Julius Jones was invited on to discuss the protest movement’s contentious meeting with Hillary Clinton. “Black lives are actively under attack, and we are in a terrible war with our own country. African-Americans are Americans and we’re not treated like that, we’re not treated as if black lives matter.”

“And when people say ‘all lives matter,’ it’s a violent statement, because the only time that people say ‘all lives matter’ is in opposition to ‘black lives matter,’ and it’s the most violent statement of love that you can do,” he said. “It’s like, ‘all lives matter!’ Yes, we understand that, it’s true, but in this country for the longest time, the United States acts like black lives don’t matter.”

YouTube video via Liza Boretto

Black Americans should almost be thankful there was slavery in this country- that may sound ridiculous so let me explain. This country decided it was wrong and fought a war to end it. As a nation we have made strides in making sure every American has equal opportunities to achieve goals, and until recently, were moving past racial divides. Come on people, even the first black President was elected, and instead of using his position to promote unity, he has used it to incite hatred towards, not only white people, but any man or woman of color who dares speak against his ideologies.

The powers that be would have you believe that CONSERVATIVES are racist bigots and are trying to hold an entire race of Americans down. Here’s a reality check, Democrats have done everything they can do to keep blacks enslaved in one way or another by creating a dependent society at every turn. They send tools like these folks to convince their own people that others are the reason for their misfortunes. By the way it was Republicans that have done all the freeing and equalization legislation to make blacks equal as the Constitution addresses. I would like to also point out no one seems to place any blame on the tribes in Africa that sold them into slavery in the first place.


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