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LIAR! Just 2% Of Americans Believe Clinton Is Telling Truth On Email Scandals…


A new poll reveals that only 2 percent of Americans believe that Hillary told the truth about her emails, whether the emails on her ‘private’ server actually DID contain high security classified information.

Who are these 2 %? Are they in a mental institution? Come on now! Anybody with a brain cell can see that Hillary is lying between her dentures. How can anyone possibly, willingly vote for this corrupt old goat?

The survey of 1,008 registered voters, conducted between August 11 and 13, showed 58 percent of respondents believe Clinton knowingly lied about her emails, while another 33 percent said they believe there is another explanation. Another 7 percent said they didn’t know if Clinton had lied.

The poll comes as the Washington Times reports that as many as 60 of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server contained classified information. (H/T Free Beacon)

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through the lies and deceptions that Hillary offers out. She said she carries one device- LIE. She said she used one for emails to Slick – LIE. She said she just erased wedding and funeral arrangements- LIE. She said she never conducted government business privately- LIE.

EVERY FRICKING THING IS JUST A LIE! LMAO IT’S RIDICULOUS. How this lady is still the front-runner with Democrats is beyond me. Frankly, the Democrats are looking pretty shabby and that is awesome news. Let’s pray to our Lord Jesus that the truth comes out and Hillary ends up behind bars.

God Bless. Dean James III%

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